Join Team Wild & Free

Hey Sister,

Are you curious about running your own online clothing boutique but maybe you’ve hesitated because you don’t want a house full of inventory? I’ve got the solution for you!

We are totally moving away from the old school model of boxes of clothing showing up at your home and needing a dedicated room to store all of that inventory.

What if you could:

  • Only pick pieces you loved to order in your size to use as samples?
  • Take pics and live video sharing what you loved and how you’d pair them?
  • Use lifestyle photos the company already has professionally done?
  • Create an online business for under $200 (ps: it costs $3-5k to start most businesses)?
  • Have a boutique but not worry about the hours it takes to process, pack and ship orders?
  • Receive up to 40% commissions on your sales?
  • Grow a team and generate residual income aka make money while sleeping?

If any of those things interest you, you have a passion for fashion and it sounds like fun, let’s chat to see if Team Wild & Free with Agnes & Dora is the place for you!

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