Tabata Training

Welcome to Fitness Friday on the blog my friend!  Today we’re doing my FAVORITE kind of workout, TABATA.  What is tabata? It’s a type of short interval training that is high intensity and it is GREAT for burning fat and boosting metabolism as well as increasing aerobic and anaerobic fitness!  The coolest thing is that you can get a killer workout in a super short amount of time!  Say goodbye to the hour + at the gym!  This is the type of fitness we can all get down with!

Got a jump rope? Ok, let’s get to work!!


Quick Tabata workout for your #FITNESSFRIDAY

Set your timer for 20 seconds work 10 seconds of rest, if you don’t have a timer go to on your laptop or down load a free tabata app from your app store.  I use just a basic interval timer app.

Exercise Circuit

  • Jump rope 20 seconds
  • Rest 10
  • Bodyweight Squats (get that butt LOW) 20 seconds
  • Rest 10
  • Jump rope 20 seconds
  • Rest 10
  • Push Ups (on knees is fine) 20 seconds
  • Rest 10
  • Alternating Lunges 20 seconds
  • Rest 10
  • Jump Rope 20 seconds
  • Minute Rest then REPEAT 3x’s

How’d you do? You’ll be completely finished with your workout in under 14 minutes today! How’s that for quick?!

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**Make sure you already have a base level of fitness before attempting these workouts and have been cleared by your doctor for higher intensity exercise.**

Want Better Blood Sugar Control? Why Wearing a CGM ROCKS!

“What’s that thing on your arm?” That’s probably the most asked question when I’m out in public.  I’ve had the opportunity to educate MANY people on continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) and type 1 diabetes because I choose to wear my diabetic devices in plain sight.

View More:

Growing up, I usually wanted to hide it.  I didn’t want to be different from my friends but as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized that I can use my illness as a gift.  I can be the educator to people in the diabetic community and the general public, the encourager to other t1’s to come out of the closet and stop hiding their t1 and the advocate for this amazing technology that has improved my life SO much!

In my early 20’s I tried out another company’s CGM and let’s say between the size of the harpoon, I mean needle I had to use to inject the thing and the HORRIBLE time delay and inaccuracy, I basically flushed money down the toilet because I refused to wear it.  So when the Dexcom came on to the scene, I was less than interested.  I figured I’d just continue to hack it on my own.

I’m not sure what finally changed my mind to give the dexcom a try but I am BEYOND happy that I did.  3 years ago I started using the Dexcom Platinum G4 and was excited when my cute pink receiver showed up on my front porch.  After a quick training with a nurse, I was up and running and haven’t looked back since.  

What has the Dexcom done for me (and my family) and why does it rock so much?

  1. It has allowed me to fine tune my blood sugars and keep them in a tight range. Hello to my gorgeous a1c in the 5%s.
  2. It alerts me to changes happening rapidly within my body so I can take care of things before they get too out of hand or I need help from another person.
  3. It allows me to sleep securely through the night. Many of us T1s have a fear of sleep because of the rapid changing blood sugars and we are afraid we will not wake up to treat lows.  Many T1s have passed away in bed from this situation.
  4. It gives my husband peace of mind.  He can simply look at my receiver while I sleep to make sure I’m OK.
  5. It helps me see what certain foods impact my blood sugar the most so I’ve been able to fine tune my nutrition even more.
  6. It allows me to detect patterns and trends which I’m able to share with my doctor so together we can make changes to my insulin needs.
  7. It makes exercise easier to deal with!  Depending on the type of exercise I can either skyrocket or go low!  This way I was able to establish my insulin needs prior, during and post workout!
  8. It’s pretty accurate.  Not 100%.  There are still tech issues occasionally but for the most part it’s pretty close to my finger stick blood sugar checks.
  9. It’s reduced my number of finger sticks a day! YAY
  10. It makes me look like the bionic woman 🙂

And for your viewing pleasure, here’s how I love to wear my dex and how I manage arm placement!

Hope this was both educational and fun! Happy blood sugars to my diatribe!



Why Paleo with Type 1 Diabetes?

Nutrition has always been a huge part of my life, nailing down what worked best for me and my body, well that was another issue altogether.  I was raised on cereal, baked ziti, Rice-A-Roni, stuffed shells, chicken every way possible, pot roast…the list goes on. My parents were good cooks from Italian and German backgrounds, let’s just say we ate WELL.  I ate my fair share of crap.  Who didn’t? I loved ice cream. I loved mashed potatoes. And if someone made a good yeast roll, well just sign me up to be your best friend.  I was full of grains and gluten and dairy.

Being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 8, the only recommended guidelines for meals were to make sure you were stuffed with carbs, low fat, use artificial sweeteners, processed foods were cool by the dieticians standards because of the nutrition labels making it easy for them to show me how to count carbs.  Can we see how this was a recipe for failure when diabetes is a disease where we can’t metabolize carbohydrates?

I was always searching for a way to control my blood sugar, have energy, feel great and still fit into my clothes.  I tried following what the dieticians said year after year then finally turned to Weight Watchers, calorie counting/restricting, Dr. Phil diet, Lean Cuisines, Slim Fast and other meal replacements, The South Beach Diet, and finally clean eating.  Let me remind you all of these occurred by the time I was 22 years old! YIKES!

Sick and tired of being sick and tired, done with seeing my blood sugars climb, my energy plummet, my depression kick my ass, and my weight slowly creep, I did what any Millennial would do, I took to Google.  At this point I don’t even remember what I googled but I somehow stumbled across Robb Wolf and a few testimonials from type 1 diabetics.  Honestly, I couldn’t find many type 1’s doing anything that wasn’t the ADA (American Diabetes Association) recommended diet (which wasn’t working for me) so seeing a few t1s have success and reading that Paleo is really just a whole foods lifestyle that eliminated the BIGGEST offenders to our health, I figured what did I have to lose?

The summer of 2011 I embarked on my Paleo journey.  Armed with books from Barnes and Noble, I dismantled our pantry, rebuilt it and completely overhauled how I was eating. The changes in my insulin needs happened pretty quickly!  I was reducing what I was taking daily and over that first summer I lost a few pounds and already started to see better blood sugar control!

Over the last five years, I’ve had ebbs and flows in my journey.  I’ve had strict compliance and had times of practicing the 80/20 rule. Cheese occasionally finds its way to my plate and if I want a bite of something a family member is having it’s not the end of the world, but I can definitely tell with my blood sugars and digestive troubles when I’ve overdone it with “non paleo foods.” It’s amazing how quickly I realized that what I considered feeling “good” pre-paleo, was a far cry from what good actually was.  

For years I struggled with constipation, bloating, gas, skin rashes, lack of energy, bouts of insomnia, depression, anxiety, brain fog, roller coaster blood sugars finally peaking at 7.4% a1c, weight fluctuations, high cholesterol and hair loss.  It wasn’t until I took charge of my own health that all of this changed.  It’s crazy to think that all of it DID change not with pharmaceutical drugs, which is what all the doctors wanted to do, but through FOOD!

Food is medicine! Nutrition has the power to heal or hurt us.  Unfortunately, what we’ve been taught is how to use it to hurt ourselves thanks to grand marketing schemes and mega corporations that are in it for the profits. The food we are eating today is not what our great grandparents ate.  They didn’t eat partially hydrogenated oils, red dye #40, high fructose corn syrup or whatever the heck Velveeta cheese is made from!  They ate food that came from the ground or had a mother.  There food wasn’t trucked in from Chile, China, Ecuador, or Thailand, it was grown locally or by them. It wasn’t genetically modified to taste sweeter, grow bigger and faster, it wasn’t picked before it was ripe so that by the time it got to the store shelf it was finally the right color but lacking nutrients.  The soil their food came from wasn’t over farmed and sick and lacking the basic nutrients as it is today.  They knew where the animals they were eating were raised and fed.  Cooking was part of life not relying on fast food or pre packaged franken-foods.

Switching gears back to the basics of nutrition, eating like we were designed to eat lowered my a1c to 5.5%, helped me lose 10lbs, lower my HDL, triglycerides, up my HDL, my skin cleared up, I no longer struggled with painful gas on a regular basis or was so bloated I couldn’t button my pants, I could sleep SOUNDLY through the night, I kicked the depression, I had energy for all my daily tasks and workouts! I floored my doctors who couldn’t believe what I achieved with FOOD and not medicine.  I felt like I had a new lease on life.  One that without me becoming my own advocate, doing my own research and being willing to go against the grain, would never have happened.


So why am I telling you this story? Because I know there are those of you reading it that have suffered with the same things I have.  You’ve tried a million and one different things to try to get healthy and repeatedly failed…we all have.  You’re frustrated…just like I was.  You want answers you’re not getting mainstream.  You want help.  You want to feel GREAT because you know there’s a better way.  That’s why I’m sharing!  I’ve found the better way and I’m shortening the learning curve for you.  I’m not saying it’s easy, but I am saying it’s worth it and you’re 100% worthy of feeling amazing and having a long healthy life. If you’ve struggled with any of the things I’ve talked about (or other things) I hope you’ll connect with me!  My heart’s desire is to truly serve people to help them reclaim their health.  Each month I work with 10 new clients and if you feel like this is the month for you, fill out your contact info on my website and I’ll be so excited to connect with you!

Healthy is Happy!



Need a New Dinner Idea?

Deconstructed Spaghetti Squash Carbonara

A few nights ago I was in need of a change in my typical run of the mill dinners.  Did you know that most people just have a rotation of 20 foods that they really like to eat?  Well, I had hit my 20 limit and I really needed something to spice it up!

You might be wondering, “why use spaghetti squash?” Well I use it as a substitute for pasta because I cannot have pasta.  It causes too much of a spike with my blood sugars and just isn’t worth it for me.
Did you know that using spaghetti squash vs pasta can save you roughly 200 calories and 30 carbs per serving?   So in our home we typically use zucchini noodles or spaghetti squash and they work wonderfully!

OK, OK, what you all want is the RECIPE to this beauty!

You will need:
1 spaghetti squash
5 slices nitrate free bacon, chopped
2 eggs – poached
1 pound of asparagus
half of 1 onion – finely chopped
2-3 cloves of garlic pressed or minced
Fresh Parmesan cheese (few tablespoons grated if you can tolerate dairy)
1/2 tbsp white vinegar (for egg poaching)
olive oil
salt, pepper and parsley

First, preheat your oven to 400 and line a baking sheet with foil.
Cut your spaghetti squash in half and remove the seeds.  Sprinkle with olive oil, salt and pepper and place it cut side down on the sheet.
Bake for 30-40 minutes, until the squash is tender.

While the squash is baking, chop up the onion, asparagus and the bacon.
In a medium pan, fry the bacon ( you don’t need to add any oil or butter), remove bacon and then cook the onion, minced/pressed garlic for 2-3 minutes then add in the asparagus.  Cook until the onions are translucent and the asparagus is tender and bright green.

In a separate, non stick pan, you will need to poach your eggs.  Here’s a link how to do it!  This was actually my first egg poaching experience!

Use a fork to shred the squash.  Assemble your plate, squash first, then bacon, asparagus/onion mix, Parmesan cheese to taste, then egg.  Sprinkle with S&P and parsley and ENJOY!!!!

Three Questions to Ask Yourself

At 24 I found myself being treated for clinical depression.

I really disliked my job.  I knew there was more for me in the world. In fact I knew there was more for most people in the world than just to accept we were here to be born, clock in to work, clock out, collect pay and 10 vacation days a year, pay bills and die.

I felt so conflicted.  I’d cry out to God asking Him what the heck was He desiring me to do with my life? With this time? I know life is fleeting. As soon as we graduate high school it seems like time speeds up 10x’s.  We blink and a decade has passed.  I didn’t want to waste any more trips around the sun trying to find my place or purpose.  I just wanted Him to send me a post card in the mail that read,

“Dorothy, I want you to spend your life doing _____. Love God.”

I would’ve felt hooked up and on my way I would’ve gone.  But what would I have truly gained from that? Not life experiences.  Not strength to persevere.

Because I never got that post card in the mail, I picked up my first personal development book and have continued this path of personal growth for 5 years.  I believe my struggles (well, all of our struggles to be exact) happen not to us, but for us, so that we can use them to serve the world.

So maybe you’re stuck in a dead end job where you look at your boss and you think, “man, I don’t want to be them! If that’s where I’m trying to climb to, someone show me the fire escape!” Maybe you’re dreading every Monday and Sunday night you have anxiety, you have no passion for what you’re doing, you’re living for 5pm (that was so me!) and you realize that you’re watching the clock which basically means you’re counting time OFF OF YOUR LIFE, it’s time for you to ask yourself 3 questions and make a change ASAP because when you’re dying, you’re going to want to know you answered these.

Question 1: Did I truly LIVE?

You might be thinking, “Dorothy, that’s an easy one! Hello? Yes, I’m breathing!”  That’s not what I mean.  I mean, did you truly do what you wanted to do with your life? Not what your parents wanted you to do. Not what your spouse wanted or your kids or your boss or whoever is a big part of your life.  I mean did YOU actually make the calls in your life that resulted in you living the life of your dreams? Or did you settle for something someone else wanted because it was easier, you didn’t want to rock the boat or you were to lazy to figure it out?  Did you take the risks? Did you take the vacations? Or did you play life small?

Question 2:  Did I LOVE?

Did you actually connect with people here on this planet or were you to stuck to your smartphone to actually have a conversation with your wife at the dinner table or with your kids in the car?  Who will miss you? Who will you miss?  Who should you be giving more attention to now? Who have you been taking for granted or neglecting?  Did you really have solid relationships and friendships or just business associates?

Question 3: Did I matter?

Oh boy. Now we’re getting touchy.  We’re talking about PURPOSE. You know, the thing we’re all searching for. To truly know that our time here on this planet made an impact, a difference. That someone will remember us because we’re leaving a legacy.

(questions adapted from Brendon Bruchard –>look him up peeps, you won’t be disappointed!)

Answer these now before you’re dying!  Identify if you’re truly living in alignment with what you really want out of life and with whom you want to spend your life with.  Why aren’t we living life fully now, every day?

You deserve to be happy with the answers you have to these questions. And to become happy with these answers you might have to get down and dirty with yourself,  answer some hard questions, dig deep, discover what you truly want, you might realize it’s time to leave that crap job and do what you truly love and set up steps to get there (like seriously make a freaking timeline of your exit strategy and force yourself into your dream!).

We don’t get redo’s.  We only get one chance, so STOP waiting for “life to start” and start making the life you want, today!  So, how did you answer the big 3? What do you have to work on to truly live the life you deserve and desire? What steps are you going to take today? Are you ready to step out? I really wanna know, so I hope you take the time to answer 🙂



ACV Limeade

ACV Limeade

You’ve probably seen it on the grocery store shelf and heard people talk about drinking it and you wanna know why we crazy peeps drink it and why you might wanna try it out?!
ACV has reported benefits such as:
-relieving sore throat, colds, sinus issues
-lowering high cholesterol
-helping clear skin
-help eliminate toxins from the body
-help with allergies
-strengthen immune system
-improve metabolism = aiding in weight loss!!!
-promotes digestions and bowels (bye bye constipation!)
-helps with joint pain and stiffness
-and studies have stated it helps with blood sugar for type 2 diabetics  (sourced from webMD)
So how do I take my ACV? I make ACV Limeade.
What you’ll need:
-6 cups of water
-1/2c. ACV with “the mother” that brown cloudy stuff at the bottom
-4 limes, juiced
-Stevia (I used 30 liquid drops)
Store in the fridge. I typically will drink it once a day (about 1/2 to 3/4 cup) with a straw to avoid too much acid on my teeth!
-Happy Sipping!


A while back I promised that I would share with you all what to spend your money on when it came to the grocery shopping world and organic versus conventional!

So here is the list:master food organic list

Some of you might be thinking, “wow, that’s a lot of stuff!”  Well here’s the skinny on it.  Basically when we look at this list, all of the produce is THIN SKINNED or LEAFY therefore they are sprayed heavily with pesticides to keep little buggies from gnawing on them ALSO a few of these are heavily GMO or genetically modified organisms meaning that a scientist genetically altered the plant.

A VERY good example of this is SOY (please stop eating soy people it’s terrible for your thyroid, but that’s another whole can of worms!).  Practically all soy is GMO, and considered “round up ready” which means that weed killer that you spray on your driveway to kill grass has been formulated into the plants we EAT so that the farmers can spray round up weed killer over all the crops, kill the weeds and the plants still live…um, what? Sounds delicious doesn’t it!?

So then what happens?  Well we ingest that lovely GMO and it can start doing things like altering our gut flora, the nice, good bacteria that lives in our intestines that keep us healthy.  Yet again, another subject entirely, just know that it’s NOT good!

Now, all of the pesticide sprayed foods that we eat can also wreak havoc on our bodies, change gut flora, mess up our endocrine system (which can be thyroid problems, contribute to obesity, alter hormone levels), give our liver even more detoxing to do, we can start to store nasty chemicals in our fat cells, they can help us develop food allergies (nice huh?), cancer, parkinson’s disease, infertility, well just to name a few things.

Just think about it, the government allows a certain percentage of pesticides (stuff that KILLS bugs, rodents and weeds) to be on our food that we ingest.  So of course it is doing something to us!

OK, you say, I get it, thin skinned produce, check, buy it organic!  But why did you list dairy and meat?  Good question!  Well, what do you think that dairy cow is being fed?  I’ll take “GMO produce for $400 Alex!”  Most dairy cows are being fed the GMO and pesticide grain/corn feed and that can be passed into the milk as well as conventional dairy cows could have been on antibiotics, or other added hormones that would be passed onto the consumer.

When it comes to the meat though, think back to what I said about us eating chemical, gmo filled, pesticide sprayed foods and us storing chemicals in our fat cells…well that’s what happens with the animals too and then we eat the heavily chemical filled part of the animal!  Buying organic meat also means that, that hamburger you’re eating, well it never ate a hamburger.  Get it?  Organic animals won’t be fed remnants of their own kind!

There also ties into this about the treatment and living conditions of these animals we eat and use for dairy products, but again, that’s another subject, however it does effect the quality of the end product we eat!

Alright, we have the list, now how do I afford to buy this stuff?  I’ll tell you what I do!  My husband and I eat pretty well and on average spend $80-85 a week on our groceries.

1) Apply for shopper rewards.  We shop at Kroger and use our Kroger card at checkout.  They keep track of what you purchase most often and I’m always getting coupons for the natural food section as well as money off of ORGANIC produce, meat and eggs!  It might be something like, spend $10, get $2 off, it all adds up to a nice savings at the register!

2) Farmer’s markets or produce stands! You can find good deals on fresh, locally grown produce (some may not be organic and may be sprayed so just ask!)  We get zucchini and tomatoes for half the price at the conventional grocery store this way.  You can also find farmers that bring their grass fed/organic beef/polutry to the markets too!

3)  Check out this site,  you can search in your area for grass fed poultry, meats, eggs, etc and many times that beef that costs $6.49 a pound at our local Kroger we can get for $5.

4) Another resource for produce is to find local csa (community supported agriculture) and you literally can pay for a share of a farmer’s crops and you’ll get boxes of produce a certain number of times per season!

5) Plan your own garden with organic seeds for fruits and veggies that you and your family enjoy regularly (especially in the summer!)  Seeds cost $1 a pack sometimes and you’ll keep getting produce for months!

6) Frequent your grocery store more than 1x per week to check for “manager specials”!  Just this week I got grass fed beef for $3.49/lb because the sell by date was 1 day away.  You can find deals, I promise!

Maybe you don’t want to have to do the extra work to get the deals, then that’s OK too!  So how would you go about prioritizing your food dollars?  I’ve got a few suggestions, track your spending for at least a week.  Where did you spend money unnecessarily?  Was it a McDonald’s breakfast, a Subway lunch, a Starbucks coffee, an upgraded satellite package, adding extra data to your teenagers cell phone??  There are always ways that you can squeeze $10-$20 that you’re probably not thinking of.  Just be conscious of where your money is going and redirect it to more important things, like food.

Why do I say that, because food can either be our best medicine or our slowest form of poison.  The choice is up to you!