Living a Toxic Life

…and then I realized, I was just really pissed off…😡🤬😡🤬

How could this be ok?
How could I NOT say anything?
How come people don’t know?
How come we aren’t taught all of this impacts our health?
How come these companies do this?
How could we basically all be lied to?

The deeper I dug, the angrier I became. The more I became determined to shed light and be part of a mission bigger than myself.

I didn’t just wake up one morning and decide that my entire life was toxic. It was one product, one ingredient at a time that I learned about and decided to change.

You see, our country allows more toxic chemicals to be in our hair care, makeup, skin care, personal care items, household cleaners, laundry detergent, baby care items, and foods than any other nation. Women can easily put on HUNDREDS of chemicals a day by the time they finish their makeup in the morning.

😮We also have the sickest nation, with the most chronic health issues and THE SICKEST kids. The statistic right now is that 54% of kids have some form of illness. FIFTY FOUR! Over half. 😮

Many of these chemicals that we are unknowingly taking in every day are known endocrine disruptors, carcinogens, neuro-toxcins, obesogens, skin irritants, allergy causing substances. But the agency that we all THINK is protecting us, is not.

What I’ve learned over the past few years is that we are our own advocates. No one will fight for our wellness like we will. I’ve also learned that our dollars are our votes. If we stop supporting companies and products that decline our health, they won’t exist and if we start supporting the ones that DO support our wellness and the environment, they will create more of what we want. 👏We, THE PEOPLE, hold the power. 👏

I’ve also been around the block enough times to help YOU decode your products, find new, non-toxic ones and start improving your health by decreasing the burden being placed on it by all the toxins.

If you click here The Well Woman Tribe, you can come join my free FB community (for women, sorry dudes) where you’ll find a master list of products to take the guesswork out of this journey for you AND you’ll also learn every day, little baby steps you can take towards toxin free living.

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The Girl in the Mirror

“What a fatty! Look at this! What happened? Ugh, my stomach is sooooo gross and squishy…and don’t get me started on these thighs…and wait, what is this when I sit down or bend over? THESE ROLLS! Sigh. How did I get all this disgusting cellulite on my legs? Ugly. UGLY.  U-G-L-Y!”


Hey sister, can we chat? Like for real, for real? 

Have you had any conversation like that in the mirror, ever in your life?  I think at some point we’ve all said some pretty degrading, Mean Girl level shit to ourselves.

  • Would you ever say that to your best friend about her body?
  • Would you ever say that to your child about their body?
  • Your partner?
  • Your niece/nephew?

So why do we treat ourselves with such negative hostility?

Because our society is programming us that way, to believe we are unworthy, unlovable and ugly unless we fit into a certain diet culture box.

What usually happens after this giant self loathing session, or numerous ones? We vow to go on a diet. We beat the crud out of ourselves in the name of being “skinny,” and the whole time we do it, our actions, our thoughts, everything going into that transformation process is coming from a low vibe, negative energy place that’s not of love or appreciation for everything our bodies have accomplished up until this point. And God help us if we think we mess up on this process, miss a day at the gym or have an off day with nutrition, just throw in the towel and beat ourselves up even more, quit and end up worse off than before.

(Have you ever been there?)

What if we flip the script, sister?

What if when we looked in the mirror, EVEN IF we jiggle and wiggle and dimple all over, we say, “thank you.”  Thank you body for carrying me every day of my life. Thank you for doing this thousands of processes daily that keep me alive that I don’t have to think about.  Thank you for this heart that’s beating, these lungs that are breathing, for every organ and cell that’s keeping me alive. 

What if we decided that because we have such appreciation and respect for our bodies that we make change from that place of appreciation and respect and yes, I’m going to say it, LOVE.  Our bodies don’t have to look ‘perfect’ in the eyes of the world to be ‘perfect’ for the life we desire to live.

What our bodies do need is love, good nutrition, movement and rest.

What if we decided to move it because we love it, respect it and appreciate it?

What if we decided to fuel it well, because we love it, respect it and appreciate it?

What if we decided to rest it when it’s tired, because we love it, respect it and appreciate it?

What if we made these decisions for our body to get healthy based on wanting to live a long life versus next season’s swimsuit? What a difference that would make.

Social Detox

Oh hello dear reader,

Happy November!  It’s been a few months since I’ve been here and my little corner of the interwebs has been neglected.  Sometimes I get so overwhelmed by the world, that I just go silent.

And it’s not that I don’t have anything to say, it’s that I have so many thoughts all at once that It’s like my channels get clogged so nothing comes out and the thoughts just bounce around inside me looking for an outlet, everything is so jumbled and the frustration builds, the anxiety builds and I shut down.



Sometimes the only way to reconnect is to disconnect.

The world throws so much at us at once. Adding social media in the mix intensifies it.  It can be a wonderful tool but it can also be a massive distraction.

A distraction from being present.

A distraction from actually delivering the message you were meant to share with the world.

A distraction from our own priorities.

I’ve felt a huge pull as I’ve been going through what I can only describe as a spiritual awakening, to spend less time on social media so that I can get clarity on what it is I’m designed to bring to the world.

I’m thinking that November will be the month for me to get clear, to slow down even more even though the marketers tell us this is the busiest season and only an idiot would slow down now…but what people don’t want to tell you because they value hustle more than anything is that-WHAT IS FOR YOU, WILL NOT PASS YOU and that sometimes you have to SLOW DOWN to SPEED UP.

Have you ever taken a social media detox?

So here’s to me slowing down, getting clear, finding my authentic voice, and probably getting weirder in the eyes of the world (but I really don’t care), so that I can show up as my true authentic self with a message that I’m divinely guided to share.


I plan on taking you, dear friend, along for the journey so I hope you’re ready for the ride.  






Top Tips for a T1S 4th of July


Today and this weekend I know so many of us will be celebrating the holiday!  To help stay on track during today’s festivities here are my best tips:


🎉Stay hydrated. If you do drink alcohol, alternate between water and your drink of choice. Avoid drinks with mixers. Remember, alcohol can actually lower blood sugar in some cases. Stay on top of it. Watch the mixers bc they usually have LOTS of sugar.

🎉If you’re going to a cookout, take something that YOU CAN EAT! This is a good idea if you’re adopting a new lifestyle or not. How many times have you gone to an event and had to guess at what you’re eating and how to dose for it? Better to know so you can carb count accurately!

🎉Want sweets? Go with the berries and melons OR us this opportunity to bake something with almond or coconut flour for a lower carb count.


🎉Don’t show up to an event super hungry.

🎉If you slip up, DON’T GIVE UP! Your next decision can put you back on track.

❌Remember that heat can impact blood sugar AND make sure to keep your insulin COOL so it doesn’t spoil.

What are your plans to celebrate the 4th?!?

T1D Thrive Program Launching Soon

I feel like we are the forgotten ones.

I remember when I had graduated from college, stopped playing soccer, gotten into my 8-5 job (then tack on the commute) and before I realized it, I had gained 12lbs.

I also remember S E A R C H I N G like it was my freaking job to find a program that would fit my individual needs as a type 1 diabetic and you know what I found?


I felt like I was always trying to manipulate programs to work for my t1 but nothing ever worked 100%.  I hired a trainer, I did the Beachbody programs, I did the YouTube videos, I bought every copy of Women’s Health and scoured for the latest plans that had me eating like a gazillion carbs and every 2 hours on the hour, til I felt like I’d pop.

Have you been there my t1 sister? Feeling like you’re trying everything to lose weight, to manage your blood sugar, to reduce stress, to live your life in some kind of balance to create a LIFESTYLE that’s maintainable? Me too.

I finally got sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I got tired of trying to make everyone else’s plan (who didn’t have t1) fit me, with t1!

I took what worked, left what didn’t, and came up with new strategies that DO work with type 1.

I reduced my a1c to 5.4%, lost weight, boosted my confidence, reduced my stress, got stronger (mentally and physically), kicked the depression meds, and started living a lifestyle, NOT a diet.

On June 17th, I’m launching T1D THRIVE! A 6 week program for type 1 diabetic women geared towards better blood sugars, reducing inflammation, more energy, workouts that are quick and effective, plus lifestyle tips, sample meal plans, group coaching, daily education and much more!

If this is something you’d like to be a part of email me at and I’ll be in touch! I decided for this first round, I want to keep it small and intimate so I’ll only be working with TEN women who are COMMITTED to themselves, the process and making progress.

Can’t wait to get started with you!




Omnipod 2 Week Review

Eeeekkk it’s been a full two weeks since I started the Omnipod Dash!

Choosing to go back to an insulin pump was a big deal for me. I’m the anti insulin pump gal and I’ve openly shared about that. I pumped for 13 years straight then went to MDI for years following by a few stints pumping around pregnancy. After going back to MDI I never lasted long on a pump. I hated being tethered. I felt like I altered many things that I do, my clothing choices (everything must have pockets), how I worked out, swimming, showering, so many things. So MDI worked better for my lifestyle.

I decided to wear a demo pod for a few days in April, just to see how I’d like another device being attached to me. Honestly, I forgot it was there most of the time so I decided to go for it after finding out my insurance was going to cover it 100%. I mean why not, right?

Within a week I had the Dash system, which was just released by Omnipod.  This system is a little different than the last version. The PDM (personal diabetes manager) looks exactly like an android phone. The glucometer is no longer integrated with the PDM, instead you receive the contour next meter that will communicate via blue tooth to the PDM.

The first site I decided to try was on my arm. Insertion was basically painless and I forgot it was there the majority of the time. IT WAS SO FREAKING NICE! Yes, I looked like the bionic woman, GGM on one arm and Omnipod on the other but I didn’t care one bit!

My second site I tried on my outer thigh. I will say because I have muscular legs, I don’t feel like that site worked the best for me because of the cannula length (6.5mm) and 45 degree. My toddler also decided he could use my pod like he was rock climbing and would grab a hold of it because it was at his eye level. OUCH!

My third site was an abdomen site. This one worked well, but I did feel itchy by day three. That typically happened to me using regular insulin pumps as well, so I wasn’t surprised.

My fourth site was my other arm. I did notice this one more because I tend to sleep on that side & carry my son on that side (he also found it). I also could feel the weight of it while running but it wasn’t horrible, just noticeable. My arms have worked GREAT!IMG_8726

My most recent site I’m using is on my lower back. That’s also going well, but I did feel kind of awkward driving and feeling it pressed between me and the seat.

I have loved the ability to use temp basals again. That was THE biggest reason that I even ventured back to the pump arena. I also love being able to set different basal profiles to combat the dawn phenomenon. I was setting a few alarms through the night to deal with this, so now I’m only setting one just to double check my cgm.

The only negative I’ve had is sometimes I have to retry boluses because the PDM/pump communication takes too long and it times out and I’ve had one pod malfunction but Omnipod took care of it overnight. So all in all not a big deal. I will say that Omnipod customer service is ON IT, especially with this being a new system and investigating anything that’s happening so it can be fixed ASAP.

On my Omnipod wish list would be the ability to have different canals based on our preference. 45 and 90 degree would be nice and having 6.5mm and 8mm lengths for cannulas, since different things work for different people. Maybe in the future???

I know many other diabetics are anxious about starting to LOOP and I will say the Omnipod Dash does NOT loop! If you have the previous system, you can do the DIY loop but if you upgrade to the DASH, looping is about a year away and will be called “Horizon.” Looping wasn’t important to me (right now anyway), so that didn’t play into my decision.

I’d say, if you’ve been looking at Omnipod as an option, get a demo pod, wear it, see how you like it!

Right now I’m happy and plan to ride this out until I feel like I want another pump break…which inevitably will happen, I’m sure. For now, the Omnipod gives me the best of both worlds, the tubing free lifestyle of MDI and the ability to change and suspend dosages with the press of a button like a pump.  I think it’s a win-win.

Done With Diabetes?

IMG_4756When are you going to be done dealing with your diabetes?”
That’s what a basketball coach asked me when I was dealing with my 2nd low in one day during summer practice.

DONE. When will I be DONE? I remember the anger bubbling up inside me but I was too exhausted to tell that uneducated coach how incredibly insensitive she was being just because she wanted me back on the court. But after that day I refused to play for someone who obviously didn’t care.

I’ll never be “DONE,” with diabetes.
Well, Ok, there’s a chance of a cure “someday,” but I’ve been waiting 23 years so, until then, I’ll be here.

Exercise with diabetes can be TOUGH! I envy my friends that only have to worry about grabbing their water and a towel. Getting ready to exercise is part of the game with diabetes.

When’s the last time I ate?
What’s my blood sugar?
Where’s it trending, up or down or stable?
How much insulin is onboard?
Do I have emergency 🚨 glucose/snacks?
Do I have enough emergency stuff Incase this goes really bad?
Is my CGM charged?
Where’s my glucagon?
Wearing a medic alert?
How hot or cold is it? (Yes temperatures impact insulin and glucose levels).
What type of exercise will I be doing and for how long? (That impacts rising or falling).
Do I need to set a temp basal?
Do I need a small bolus?
Do I need a snack before?

I’m probably missing something, (let me know below what that might be😂) but ya get the point. It’s never as easy as just “going and doing.”

If you’re another exhausted t1d like me reading that list, I feel you! It’s long enough to make you wanna skip the workout all together, right??

But even with allllll the hoops we have to jump through, exercise is SO vital for our insulin sensitivity and blood sugar control!

Are you a t1 friend and you wanna learn HOW to exercise safely and effectively? 🖐
As a fellow t1d that’s also a personal trainer, certified health coach & associate CDE, I’m here to tell you, YOU CAN and I want to be your guide.

I’m currently taking on *NEW* clients and the best part is, it doesn’t matter where you live! Thank you internet! 🙏🏻 Group coaching and 1:1 coaching available.

Schedule a free call using the “work with me” tab on the top menu.

Chat soon, friend.

Paying Uncle Sam

Today my CPA’s office called. The secretary asked if I was sitting down.

She proceeded to tell me I’ll have to write a check to Uncle Sam for the same amount of money that used to be my pay for 6 months.


A few years ago, that would’ve made my stomach turn.
Today, I was excited.

As you read this you might think I’m crazy but follow my train of thought.

Entrepreneurship is seen as “sexy” right now, and let’s be honest, it kinda is. But it’s also a huge risk and LOTS and LOTS of work!

I’ve been doing my own thing for years now and the fact that I’m to the point where my business brings in enough that I have to pay taxes equal to what six months of my pay would’ve been in corporate America, to me, that says, “Girl, you’re making it! You’re doing it! You’re work is paying off!”

I look at writing that big check not as a negative thing, but a very positive sign showing my business is successful!

Writing that big fat check is a blessing.
It makes me feel abundant!
It makes me feel empowered!
It makes me realize banking on myself was the best risk I ever took!


I hope my entrepreneur friends get to experience this feeling! I hope you keep betting on yourself! If I can do it, so can you!




Agnes & Dora 6 Month Update


Time flies when you’re having fun! Did you guys think I totally disappeared? Well I did for a little while, but now we’re together again, so let me bring you up to speed!

The last time we talked, I had just left the LuLaRoe queue and signed with Agnes & Dora. I gave you all my reasons and left you hanging with how things shook out! Sorry about that, but I had a good reason I promise.  I will be sharing some financial things in the blog post, not to brag, but because many ladies want to know what’s possible with this business.  I believe in being transparent in business so others can see what’s possible 🙂 

On November 7, 2016, I went into preterm labor with my son.  He was 31 weeks and 5 days old. There was NO stopping the birth and he came into the world a solid 8 weeks early. Don’t panic! He was so healthy. The doctors were unbelievably impressed but we still had to leave him in the NICU.  The following week, as my husband and I IMG_5184were playing the NICU parenting game, me trying to recover, him working and both of us bouncing back and forth between the hospital and home, my inventory arrived. Both excitement and overwhelm took over at that point.  I had a business to run but was also now the mom of a preemie and trying to rest and recover.


If there’s one thing you’ll learn about me, it’s that I have a hard time slowing down and resting. If I have goals, well watch out!  Despite it being the CRAZIEST time in my life, I launched my business the same week I received my inventory. Some people thought I was nuts, but I truly needed the distraction. I needed something to keep my mind from the fact that my son was 35 minutes away from me and that there was nothing I could do about it but wait for time to pass, weight to be gained and for him to hit certain milestones so he could come home.

The first weekend, I did an inhome open house and had friends and family come shop and try on all the A&D goodies. It was a success in my eyes! I sold around $1k retail in just a few hours that weekend.  I then went to my Facebook group and starting doing both album and live sales there.

What everyone wants to know is, “how long did it take you to make back what you invested?” Originally my plan was 30 days but seeings how I had extenuating circumstances, I cut myself some slack.  It took me until the end of December, so around 45 days.  I ended 2016 breaking even.

During that time, our son was discharged from the hospital and my business strategy changed drastically.  Originally, I had planned to do a mix of online, in home shopping hours and pop ups in other friends homes.  However, we knew bringing a preemie baby home in December meant we needed to now go into hermit mode for the sake of health.  All of my sales ended up being done online from early December until now (May 2017). The last week of December, I sat and really reflected on what I wanted to create with this business.  I could see the potential for this business to me the thing that changed the life of my family.  You see during December, my husband was home the entire month. All I wanted now was to create enough income to 1) pay off the enormous debt the NICU had piled on us and 2) give my husband more time at home with us.

I was determined and committed to creating MASSIVE change for us and that’s what I have done.

Since January my retail sales have grown between  $1.5-$2k every month and April I closed out my first 5 figure month in sales! In fact, in April I far surpassed my original sales goal. It was a pretty awesome 30th birthday present to get.  Now, one thing I want to say about this growth is that it doesn’t come easy. You’ll hear some people say that “the clothes sell themselves,” and that’s not true. You have to market, create a presence online, create relationships, provide good customer service, be a real and authentic person and show your personality. It’s work! It’s a lot of work! And with success comes more work…leggings, dresses and tops don’t just package and ship themselves ha!



When you turn 30, wear lemons!

Some other amazing things have happened besides my sales as well.  A&D did NOT allow us to recruit (until recently and we are NOT an MLM) but wanted us to have organic growth. My team organically grew to over 60 fabulous women! Many of whom were brought to me from this blog or my YouTube channel. One thing that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE is helping other women build their business and A&D has provided the opportunity for me to do that as well. We’ve formed a tight team based on empowering each other and uplifting each other up. We are a tribe of positive, go-getters, determined to change our lives and to make an impact in the world.


With all this hard work came other rewards like paying off our son’s NICU stay, allowing my husband the freedom to not work as much in order to be more present with us and we booked an oceanfront beach house for our family as well as a dream getaway to stay at the Biltmore. Of course, A&D doesn’t guarantee any level of income and like I said you have to work, but with hard work, amazing things are possible.


I’m sure many of you reading this will have particular questions if you’re looking at A&D as a business opportunity. I plan on doing more blogs on specific topics as well as adding more to my YouTube channel  but in the meantime, feel free to email me at If you’re interested in joining my tribe of go-getters please list “business opportunity” in the subject line. If you’d like to shop A&D you can do that here:  

Thank you all for taking the time to be a part of my journey!




5 Tips for Beating the Pregnancy Comparison Trap

Before I was pregnant I will admit, I was one of those girls who compared her body to people I saw on Instagram or Facebook.  I think most women have compared themselves to someone else at some point in their lives. Especially in our society it seems like we’re taught we’re supposed to look a certain way so finding yourself in the comparison trap is super easy.  Magazines, TV and the internet show a certain “figure” that is unattainable…even for those portraying it…photoshop had done damage to our brains!

But moving on!

What I wasn’t prepared for was the comparison game that was ahead of me in pregnancy.  I swear that it’s worse than the non pregnancy comparison…at least for me and I know if I’m feeling it, that there are other women out there wearing the same feelings.


The more my body changed, the more I found myself comparing. Here are some of the things that I’ve found myself saying or floating through my brain…

 “Should I look like this at 12 weeks, 16 weeks, 21 weeks?, Am I getting too big too fast? OMG she doesn’t have cellulite on her butt and legs and she’s farther along than me! What’s wrong with me!? Crap, I hope I don’t get stretch marks like so and so’s picture I saw on IG! Where’s the belly butter? How does she still look that HOT at 28 weeks pregnant? HOLY HELL she’s still so small?? Wait, she still has muscle definition like that…what’s wrong with me that I lost almost all of mine? UGH. Good grief look how cute she is pregnant in her adorable maternity clothes and I can’t find one thing to fit me that doesn’t make me look like a giant COW! She said she only gained 20lbs her whole pregnancy, great! I’m doomed then sitting pretty at 25lbs in 25 weeks!  How is she so happy being pregnant…I’m over here still puking at 25 weeks and she makes this whole experience look glamorous.  OMG she just had a baby FIVE WEEKS AGO?!? How does she have a flat stomach with abs already? Ok, I’m just done…”


I found myself spiraling down this dark hole of social media pregnancy posts AKA the highlight reel where NO ONE shares the crap of life.  Well I’m sharing the crap because I believe in keeping it as real as possible.  I’ll tell you, it got dark in that hole.  The comparison game is the quickest way to unhappiness, to depression, to anger, to frustration and it’s just not a good place to go.  I realized pretty quickly that I needed to change somethings starting with these:


Instead, I choose to follow people and accounts that had encouraging, real, uplifting messages and didn’t just only share the highlight reel of life. This way my feed was full of things that helped me, not hurt me. I encourage you to do the same thing.


This was a hard one for me!  For a few years this is how I have built my business BUT when social media becomes unhealthy or an addictive behavior (anyone else roll over and scroll first thing after the alarm goes off? Yeah me too) it’s time to change that behavior.  I started setting times of day I was allowed on social. Less social = less stress. It also meant that I was paying more attention to MY life, MY family and MY world. I was getting more in touch with my feelings and processing them. It meant I was spending more time getting ready for the big life change that’s coming in December.


With pregnancy as much as we and the doctor’s want there to be a one size fits all approach with everything from weight gained in pregnancy, to how to deliver babies, pregnancy is NOT one size fits all.

I was super healthy coming into pregnancy, very active, great nutrition habits and I still have had a crappy experience despite my best efforts.  I always assumed I’d stay almost as active throughout pregnancy and that was nearly impossible and you’ll see why in a second.  I always assumed I’d only gain 25lbs because of my nutrition and exercise and you’ll see why in a second that isn’t the case.  I always assumed I’d be glowing with only a few days of looking terrible and feeling bad.  Yeah…not my experience at all.  

Morning sickness (who are we kidding it’s all day) that I’m still having at week 25, weight gain even though I’m eating less thanks to throwing up, insomnia (hello baggy eyes and goodbye glow), low BP issues and headaches that last for 24 hours which mean my workouts have been limited, blood sugar irregularities with my type 1 that are driving me insane, not feeling like myself at all (can someone please send Dorothy back?  I miss her!) and a SUPER low baby causing back pain are just a few of the things that have plagued me.

Not to scare those of you that haven’t ever been pregnant, but again, I’m coming at you with my experience and keeping it real.  You could be glowing, super active and breeze through this thing…or maybe not. Just be prepared for all outcomes. And now many of you will know why I say “NEVER AGAIN!”

       4) ACCEPTANCE

This is still something I’m working on and I have a feeling I will continue to work on it until the day I have baby B.  Trying to be ok with the fact that what I’m going through is nothing like what I envisioned for myself.  Realizing that this journey is as much for me to learn from, as it is for someone else reading, this who might be feeling the same way, and me sharing means they don’t feel alone with their feelings. Because at this point if you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know I believe that nothing happens to us, but for us and to share it to help others.

I’m also trying to remember daily that even through all off the hard stuff that I can still find things to be joyful for.  Here’s a glimpse into how I’m keeping this real…this morning I jumped up mid bible study and ran to the bathroom to puke saying “you can make it, you can make it…” with the dog sprinting after me (you’re welcome now that you have that visual), hunched over the toilet bowl (we’ve become good friends) wiping puke off of it I thought, “OK, yeah this sucks…alot, but what are three things I can actually appreciate today because I can’t stay in the space of feeling sorry for myself?!”  I know it sounds corny but I actually did this to switch my mind from the suckfest that just happened to what I could be joyful for.  My three were:

1) that baby boy is healthy

2) that I feel God speaking to me through my bible study

3) that I was up early this morning to enjoy my favorite time of day  

So if you’re finding yourself in a suckfest, instead of continuing into that downward spiral, find something you can celebrate right then. It doesn’t matter how big or how small!  There is always something you can show gratitude for!

         5) LOVE & GRACE

Closing this thing out, what I’ve really found is a need for love. This is the HARDEST thing most of us women will ever do.  And through all the changes, the hormones and the craziness, we really need to work on love and giving ourselves some grace. Let’s cut ourselves some slack! We’re doing the best that we can do and that’s all that matters.  It’s YOUR very unique and individual journey, no one elses! The body is doing an amazing thing.  Who cares if it doesn’t look like our best friends when she was pregnant, or that model on “fit pregnancy” magazine.  It’s uniquely ours and it’s creating a miracle.  Love it for that, love it through that and it will love you back.

So here’s to you mama, reading this blog! You are strong, awesome and amazing.  I hope you’ll take some tips away from this and I’d love to hear your feedback!