Why I Left the Lularoe Queue for Agnes and Dora


First let me say, I’m thankful for Lularoe because without it, the past few weeks in my pregnancy, I would’ve had nothing comfortable to wear!  I wish nothing but the best to all the reps I’ve met and become friends with and there are some awesome ladies, doing amazing things with their businesses!  With that, I have to secondly say that I have I’m super confident about my decision and the direction that I’m taking now and I feel incredibly blessed by how the whole change has come about.  It’s undoubtedly a God thing and you all know, where He leads, I follow!


I want my fashionista sisters that were patiently awaiting my inventory arrival to know, I’m not leaving them hanging!  I am still going to be here to help you dress super cute, feel super awesome and confident and empower you to be the best you, you can be BUT with a different organization that after much research fits me, my personality and business sense much better.  You probably haven’t heard of it before, because I’d only heard of it once in passing from one of my good friends who’s a yoga teacher and swears by their leggings.  The name is AGNES & DORA and the company was started before Lularoe by the niece of the Lularoe founder. After I reviewed their clothes, business model, talked to their home office, visited with numerous consultants, bought the clothes myself, showed you all two of the dresses I purchased and let my heart do the talking, I decided that it was the best fit for me and I submitted my contract with them and here are all of my reasons.  Let me also share with you, I have a business degree so many of my decisions came from the business knowledge that I have.


    • With Agnes & Dora I was able to pick between three packages, $2,500, $3,500 or $5,000, so I could decide what fits my budget best to get my business going.  With LLR, when I submitted my paperwork I was looking at about $5,000 to start and that price DID NOT include leggings, their most popular piece, so I would’ve had to spend at least $6,000.  HOWEVER, as of last week LLR changed the packages and I would have been spending even more to get going, $5,500, $6,200 or upwards of $9,000!  I needed to make the best financial decision for our growing family!



    • If you’re looking to join a company, you want to look at the company size to see how saturated the market is with their reps.  I called A&D’s home office and learned that in the US and Canada there are currently around 700 reps! SEVEN HUNDRED! That’s nothing! LLR currently has 70k+ and thousands more waiting in the queue.  I was looking for a “ground floor” opportunity, 700 reps vs over 40k, A&D wins! Basically that means that I get to help bring this company to market!



    • Currently A&D is NOT an MLM! I know many people are put off my MLM’s.  Personally I am not put off by them and those that choose to be network marketing professionals, not spammers, can do very well if they run their businesses with integrity! A&D is strictly direct sales right now. If you come to me interested in the business and I refer you, I only receive a credit towards my next inventory purchase BUT I will still help you with anything you need as you embark on your A&D adventure.  We have been told a compensation plan is in the works, so it’s possible in the next few months A&D could become and MLM.



    • Personally I have found the fabric to be superior to so many other brands, many pieces are modal fabric which is super soft, less likely to shrink and pilling is less likely and the stitching is super reinforced.  I was super pleased with the cuts of every piece I’ve tried on, they’ve all been super flattering. Oh and don’t let me forget, everything but the leggings are made in the USA and A&D is looking to create them in the USA as well!



    • On average prices are anywhere from $3-12 less expensive depending on what you’re purchasing.  For example, an A&D maxi skirt is $28, LLR is $42.



    • No mystery boxes with A&D.  With A&D I’m able to place orders for the exact print, color, pattern, size items I want so I can best serve my customers.  With LLR I could pick what styles (ex: Azure or Maxi skirt) but not the pattern or colors!  I like to know what I’m getting and I like to be able to stock what my customers want! Also with A&D each month I don’t have to have huge orders to stay an active consultant, granted I will be ordering because this is my business BUT should I have a month I need to back off, I only have to place a $100 order, vs a 33 piece order with LLR.



    • With A&D I’m able to decide how my customers pay.  Paypal and Square are popular options that many people use vs a system implemented by the company. With LLR I would have to use “Audrey” which is their system and from my time in the queue it seemed like there were always issues with this system and it left many consultants frustrated with frustrated customers.



    • Personally I feel that the patterns, styles and prints are more adult.  They are still fun for sure, but they are pieces that you can integrate with the wardrobe you already have and if you’re a business professional you won’t have any trouble wearing these clothes to the office, or to church for that matter. You’ll see more florals, tribals, geometrics and paisley patterns along with stripes and solids. I couldn’t pull of wearing cake, pizza or cassette tape leggings, but plenty of people can!  The other awesome thing is the sizing! Leggings have actual sizes and I have found with the other pieces, they are true to size with other clothing that I wear, so there isn’t much need to size up and down.



    • Created by Buffy Bandley, the name of the company, “Agnes & Dora” is taken from a book that Buffy’s grandmother wrote in the 1960’s to empower women. The book titled “The Secret Power of Femininity” by Maurine Startup, teaches how to recognize the two sides of a woman; the fun loving, playful side (DORA) VS. the best friend, confidant side (AGNES). The goal is to bring out both sides of these traits within ourselves and apply them to achieve a balanced, happy, and fulfilling life with lasting relationships. Agnes & Dora represents the yin & yang of a woman for complete balance. This business is all about ways to build and empower women to find balance and confidence in how they look, feel, work, and how they play!  
      PS: Every dress is named after influential, empowered women!  Heck yeah!



    • A&D is not in my area!!!  The closest A&D rep is 1.5 hours from where I live and currently there are less than 10 reps in my whole state!  I saw this as an opportunity to introduce a new, beautiful line to ladies in my community!

Honestly, at first the thought of switching made me nervous ONLY because I thought, “what if people don’t get it? What if they’re so committed to LLR that they don’t even want to check out what I’m doing?” But then I realized that me, as a consumer, would be TOTALLY open to awesome quality, amazing prints, patterns and styles for a lower price, and if I fell in love with A&D and their culture, my friends would be too!  I’ll still be doing LIVE online sales via FB live within my VIP group and on Periscope, as well as album sales online, online pop ups for people, in person pop ups and most likely I’ll have open shopping hours in my house! My inventory will be here around the same time my LLR inventory would have been here so I’m not even losing any time in being able to share awesome clothes with you all!

So come join the party over on FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/agnesanddorabydorothybooth/

If you’d like more info on A&D feel free to email me at agnesanddorabydorothy@gmail.com and I’d be happy to chat with you!



Lularoe Queue Club – Week Two

Hi Ladies!  Wow, two weeks have flown by since I’ve submitted my paperwork to Lularoe.  I’ve been a busy bee getting ready for my business to officially launch.  If you missed what I did in week one, check it out here:

One of my goals with documenting and sharing this is for my team (and future team) so that they can see the steps taken leading up to onboarding and receiving inventory.  Seeing everything you need to do all at once can be overwhelming, so breaking it down week by week helps to keep that overwhelm away!14355838_10103229689942339_1437519554_n

So what did I do in week 2:

  • Banking-ordered some deposit tickets, activated card so I could finally start thinking about ordering supplies!
  • I made a public announcement that I was waiting to onboard with Lularoe and that this is my new business venture.  Sharing with your friends, family and social media is SUPER important!  There are so many people that already love LLR that will be excited for you and want to support you, so SHARE what you’re up to!
  • Made my Lularoe Facebook business page public!  Woo hoo!  In the first 4 days it was up and running I had around 190 people like the new page and show their support, which was amazing!  Now while you’re waiting to make your BIG announcement, you can create your biz page and just not publicly publish it yet. But in the waiting period make sure that you’ve got great images on there that are customized to your biz, your contact info, and stock pile a little content so your page is fresh all the time.
  • After making my announcement and sharing my new business FB page, I shared my VIP group so people could request to join, you can find that here:https://www.facebook.com/groups/826608464142294/ This is the group where you will host online sales, share upcoming inventory with your clients, make relationships with your clients, be engaged, be informative, be encouraging, share tips, etc!  This group is super important!  Always aim to provide value to your clients! My goal is to make my VIP group a community of confident women empowering each other!
  • I wrote and shared my blog post on www.dorothycbooth.com about WHY LULAROE! Make sure that when you become a consultant you share what influenced your decision to join! People want to know you! What drives you!  Be real, that’s how we connect with each other.
  • ETSY claimed too much of my time! Yikes!  I wanted to find some cute business cards!  On Etsy you can order business card templates that are personalized to you and then download the file and have them printed at Staples or VistaPrint! That option will save you a few bucks!  My template is super cute and was only $8!! My cards will be ordered as soon as my cute template is customized by the graphic artist! YAY! Oh and one tip on this, get cards that are multipurpose, for example, my cards not only have my info but a sizing area for clients to write their sizes next to each style LLR offers, as well as my exchange policy, how to care for your LLR and info about hosting a pop up or becoming a consultant as well as a BUY 10 get 1 Free!  Woo hoo! Who doesn’t love something for free!?
  • Content and Posting Schedule.  OK, if you haven’t worked in social media land before this one might be new to you BUT the best way to work in social media land is to have a content calendar!  Basically you look at the whole upcoming month and decide what you’re sharing, posting, creating, every day for your clients, audience, team, etc. You can create themed days or have a theme to your week. Whatever works for you!  I block off a good chunk of time to do this BUT the beauty is that each day I don’t have to scramble about what I’m sharing and posting!  The work was already done and I just have to hit POST!  I create content for both my biz page and VIP group.  Again it’s about providing value to your market! Stay positive as possible, helpful, encouraging, etc.
  • Booking/potential bookings!  I started reaching out to people that were interested in hosting online or in person pop ups. Since I don’t know the exact date I’ll receive my inventory letting them know that it would most likely be later Oct. was important and just making sure to keep track to who is interested so once the onboarding call comes, I can set those dates on my calendar.  So even though you might be waiting for your beautiful LLR to come in, talk to friends and family about helping you get started!  I mean, afterall, they get FREE clothes!  SCORE!
  • Lastly, I wrote this blog post on a freaking gorgeous afternoon on my front porch on the first day that felt like fall!  That’s the beauty of being a small business owner and entrepreneur! I work from where I want to work, in my comfy leggings, listening to “today’s Christian Hits” on Pandora, drinking my first pumpkin spice breve coffee of the season.  Yes, being an entrepreneur is work but it’s rewarding and fun and freeing.  If you’ve been thinking about taking the leap into entrepreneurship, DO IT! And if you’ve thought about doing it with Lularoe, what are you waiting for? Let’s talk so you can have the details!  I’d LOVE to work with you and help you create a strong business. Email me lularoedorothybooth@gmail.com, if you’re local I’ll treat you to a coffee date and if you’re not we can skype and drink coffee at the same time 😉

That’s a wrap on week 2! Thanks for being part of this journey with me! Hope you’re enjoying learning what it’s like to be in the queue!



Lularoe Queue Club – Week 1 Update

Time flies when you’re having fun!  In case you’re wondering what the “queue” is, it’s basically the waiting list for those of us that have submitted our paperwork to the LuLaRoe home office and we are patiently dreaming of the day our phone will ring to onboard as an official consultant where we can order our inventory!

Right now, I believe there is a 6-8 week waiting period and most people see that and think, “what the heck am I going to do waiting for all that time?”  Oh ladies, let me tell you, there are plenty of things to attend to when it comes to setting up your own small business and I’ve decided to document all the things I do leading up to my onboarding phone call, so that when you decide to join my team, you’ll have all the steps to take 🙂


Think of the time this way, if you wanted to open a brick and mortar clothing store, you wouldn’t be able to have the idea today and open tomorrow right? You’d need time to find your space, open a bank account, get financing, order supplies, market, etc.  That’s exactly how you have to treat this time “in queue.”


Week one looked like this for me:

  • Submitted all paperwork to the home office and printed out my consultant guide.
  • I created a new email account specifically for my LLR business.  You should create a gmail account. It’s totally free and provides you awesome benefits like Google Drive which will be your bestie for organization online!  My new email is lularoedorothybooth@gmail.com so if you have questions, reach me there.
  • I create new social media accounts!  If you’re not on FB or IG already, now is the time to get that done! Social media is a huge way that people are doing business now and a great way to get outside of your warm market. Most people take to social media to find out information about businesses and products, so don’t miss the boat on this one.  My new FB is Lularoe Dorothy Booth  and IG is Lularoe Dorothy Booth as well.  As you will see, keeping your name the SAME across your platforms is SUPER important for your brand identity and for people to find you with ease.
  • I created my VIP shopping group on FB.  This is an awesome thing to do where you can hold weekly online sales and share your new inventory with your customers, answer their questions and even go live within your FB page and really create relationships and get to know your clients.  You can find my group here:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/826608464142294/
  • You don’t have to do this one but I already had a blog established BUT it was based on fitness, nutrition, etc.  So I changed the domain name and removed some of my fitness based offerings that I’m no longer offering for the remainder of the year.  www.dorothycbooth.com is where I’ll be sharing all about my LLR journey. Having a blog is another great way for people to gain information and get to know you!  Provide value always on your blog!
  • OK, let’s talk FINANCING!  That’s something that many people freak about when they see the price to start their LLR business, but you have to see it as an investment in your future, not a price tag.  If you’re serious about your business and treat it as one, you will make your investment back quickly.  Right now you can plan to spend around $6,000 and that’s your inventory and then purchasing supplies you’ll need for your inventory, pop-ups, etc.  So there are a number of ways that people choose to finance this and perhaps I’ll do another post on that, but here I’ll share with you what I did.  To cover my initial investment of $5300 for my inventory, I will be using a 0%apr for 12 months, credit card as well as pulling some from savings.  So this week I applied and was approved for the card. MANY new consultants get started this way, and as long as you have good credit you shouldn’t have a problem finding financing this way. (like I said I’ll blog more about this later).
  • Set up a new bank account!  You don’t want to co-mingle funds. That becomes a mess and the IRS sure doesn’t like that IF you’re ever audited.  To open my account I used the savings money and money from my previous business that I rolled over.
  • Made a list of the 50 people I wanted to share my new venture with.  If you pay attention to your newsfeed on social media, you’ll see SO many people who already love LLR!  Reach out to them!  They might LOVE to host a pop up or online sale to get free clothing!
  • Start watching training videos and reading over any documents that your team provides for getting started.  
  • Decided on how I wanted to announce my new venture via social media and created content around that topic.


Now your week one could look different from mine, but I just wanted to share what I’ve done to get ready so far!  I’d love to know if you’re a current consultant what you did in week 1!  Comment below!  Or if you have any questions about LLR, onboarding or joining my team, feel free to comment or email me at lularoedorothybooth@gmail.com

Hope this was helpful!



Why LuLaRoe?

I’ve never been 100% comfortable with my body. Growing up I was super athletic and was the girl that had to get the jeans a size bigger just to fit her legs while the waist gaped. It was super attractive.  I started having body image issues when I was in 7th grade and they just intensified through HS and college, manifesting itself as disordered eating in the form of binging and obsessive exercise.

Let’s fast forward into my 20s. I dove into the health and fitness industry to keep myself in “check” with my weight. Always striving for a body that I thought I should have.  Because I was never truly happy with what I saw looking back at me, the idea of having a baby and listening to so many women saying how they never “bounced back” afterwards terrified me.  I had never gotten to where I wanted to be before a baby so how would I feel good in my own skin afterwards?

Then it happened.  I found myself 20 weeks pregnant, struggling with what I saw in the mirror. Nothing fit right, not even maternity clothes.  Getting dressed in the morning turned into an Olympic event of stretching and pulling and grunting and crying.  So I reached out on FB asking if anyone used Lularoe as maternity wear?  I’d never even tried any of their clothing on, but I knew that the leggings were supposedly to die for.  A friend responded that they were having a pop up and I should come.

That afternoon, I found myself in 2 rooms full of bright colored, patterned clothing. I took 2 pairs of leggings and an Irma (tunic) into a bedroom to change and as soon as I pulled those buttery leggings onto my body I knew that the clouds had parted and my days of frustration in my closet were over.  As I stood in front of a full length mirror, I felt pretty, despite my growing belly.  Everything fit so well. No rolls, no pinching, no uncomfortable anything. I felt cute and comfortable and happy!  I felt confident in this ever changing, expanding body growing our baby boy, whereas 30 minutes prior to showing up the the pop up I was body shaming myself for the way the maternity shorts were (or weren’t) fitting me and how self conscious I was.


My self consciousness dropped right there at that pop up.  I felt confident in what I was wearing and I felt good and I knew that I wanted to help other women feel that same way no matter what shape or size they were because we all deserve to feel good in our own skin! 

I’m sharing with you that a huge part of my mission is to empower and inspire women and increase body acceptance so it should be no surprise to you all that I decided to become a LuLaRoe consultant and am currently waiting to onboard and receive my inventory!  I’m super excited not only to have clothing that makes me feel beautiful and confident but to help other women feel that exact same way!

I love what LuLaRoe stands for and it was 100% something I could promote. I can still focus on my health, my family, serving others, helping other women of all shapes and sizes feel amazing in their bodies, help them build businesses and generate income for our families and be able to give generously to our communities!

So I’m curious, have you heard of LuLaRoe, are you addicted to their awesome clothing or thought of being a consultant yourself?

Feel free to follow my journey on FB at fb.com/lularoedorothybooth and join our fun group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/826608464142294/

Chat soon!