The Girl in the Mirror

“What a fatty! Look at this! What happened? Ugh, my stomach is sooooo gross and squishy…and don’t get me started on these thighs…and wait, what is this when I sit down or bend over? THESE ROLLS! Sigh. How did I get all this disgusting cellulite on my legs? Ugly. UGLY.  U-G-L-Y!”


Hey sister, can we chat? Like for real, for real? 

Have you had any conversation like that in the mirror, ever in your life?  I think at some point we’ve all said some pretty degrading, Mean Girl level shit to ourselves.

  • Would you ever say that to your best friend about her body?
  • Would you ever say that to your child about their body?
  • Your partner?
  • Your niece/nephew?

So why do we treat ourselves with such negative hostility?

Because our society is programming us that way, to believe we are unworthy, unlovable and ugly unless we fit into a certain diet culture box.

What usually happens after this giant self loathing session, or numerous ones? We vow to go on a diet. We beat the crud out of ourselves in the name of being “skinny,” and the whole time we do it, our actions, our thoughts, everything going into that transformation process is coming from a low vibe, negative energy place that’s not of love or appreciation for everything our bodies have accomplished up until this point. And God help us if we think we mess up on this process, miss a day at the gym or have an off day with nutrition, just throw in the towel and beat ourselves up even more, quit and end up worse off than before.

(Have you ever been there?)

What if we flip the script, sister?

What if when we looked in the mirror, EVEN IF we jiggle and wiggle and dimple all over, we say, “thank you.”  Thank you body for carrying me every day of my life. Thank you for doing this thousands of processes daily that keep me alive that I don’t have to think about.  Thank you for this heart that’s beating, these lungs that are breathing, for every organ and cell that’s keeping me alive. 

What if we decided that because we have such appreciation and respect for our bodies that we make change from that place of appreciation and respect and yes, I’m going to say it, LOVE.  Our bodies don’t have to look ‘perfect’ in the eyes of the world to be ‘perfect’ for the life we desire to live.

What our bodies do need is love, good nutrition, movement and rest.

What if we decided to move it because we love it, respect it and appreciate it?

What if we decided to fuel it well, because we love it, respect it and appreciate it?

What if we decided to rest it when it’s tired, because we love it, respect it and appreciate it?

What if we made these decisions for our body to get healthy based on wanting to live a long life versus next season’s swimsuit? What a difference that would make.

T1D Thrive Program Launching Soon

I feel like we are the forgotten ones.

I remember when I had graduated from college, stopped playing soccer, gotten into my 8-5 job (then tack on the commute) and before I realized it, I had gained 12lbs.

I also remember S E A R C H I N G like it was my freaking job to find a program that would fit my individual needs as a type 1 diabetic and you know what I found?


I felt like I was always trying to manipulate programs to work for my t1 but nothing ever worked 100%.  I hired a trainer, I did the Beachbody programs, I did the YouTube videos, I bought every copy of Women’s Health and scoured for the latest plans that had me eating like a gazillion carbs and every 2 hours on the hour, til I felt like I’d pop.

Have you been there my t1 sister? Feeling like you’re trying everything to lose weight, to manage your blood sugar, to reduce stress, to live your life in some kind of balance to create a LIFESTYLE that’s maintainable? Me too.

I finally got sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I got tired of trying to make everyone else’s plan (who didn’t have t1) fit me, with t1!

I took what worked, left what didn’t, and came up with new strategies that DO work with type 1.

I reduced my a1c to 5.4%, lost weight, boosted my confidence, reduced my stress, got stronger (mentally and physically), kicked the depression meds, and started living a lifestyle, NOT a diet.

On June 17th, I’m launching T1D THRIVE! A 6 week program for type 1 diabetic women geared towards better blood sugars, reducing inflammation, more energy, workouts that are quick and effective, plus lifestyle tips, sample meal plans, group coaching, daily education and much more!

If this is something you’d like to be a part of email me at and I’ll be in touch! I decided for this first round, I want to keep it small and intimate so I’ll only be working with TEN women who are COMMITTED to themselves, the process and making progress.

Can’t wait to get started with you!




Done With Diabetes?

IMG_4756When are you going to be done dealing with your diabetes?”
That’s what a basketball coach asked me when I was dealing with my 2nd low in one day during summer practice.

DONE. When will I be DONE? I remember the anger bubbling up inside me but I was too exhausted to tell that uneducated coach how incredibly insensitive she was being just because she wanted me back on the court. But after that day I refused to play for someone who obviously didn’t care.

I’ll never be “DONE,” with diabetes.
Well, Ok, there’s a chance of a cure “someday,” but I’ve been waiting 23 years so, until then, I’ll be here.

Exercise with diabetes can be TOUGH! I envy my friends that only have to worry about grabbing their water and a towel. Getting ready to exercise is part of the game with diabetes.

When’s the last time I ate?
What’s my blood sugar?
Where’s it trending, up or down or stable?
How much insulin is onboard?
Do I have emergency 🚨 glucose/snacks?
Do I have enough emergency stuff Incase this goes really bad?
Is my CGM charged?
Where’s my glucagon?
Wearing a medic alert?
How hot or cold is it? (Yes temperatures impact insulin and glucose levels).
What type of exercise will I be doing and for how long? (That impacts rising or falling).
Do I need to set a temp basal?
Do I need a small bolus?
Do I need a snack before?

I’m probably missing something, (let me know below what that might be😂) but ya get the point. It’s never as easy as just “going and doing.”

If you’re another exhausted t1d like me reading that list, I feel you! It’s long enough to make you wanna skip the workout all together, right??

But even with allllll the hoops we have to jump through, exercise is SO vital for our insulin sensitivity and blood sugar control!

Are you a t1 friend and you wanna learn HOW to exercise safely and effectively? 🖐
As a fellow t1d that’s also a personal trainer, certified health coach & associate CDE, I’m here to tell you, YOU CAN and I want to be your guide.

I’m currently taking on *NEW* clients and the best part is, it doesn’t matter where you live! Thank you internet! 🙏🏻 Group coaching and 1:1 coaching available.

Schedule a free call using the “work with me” tab on the top menu.

Chat soon, friend.

Tabata Training

Welcome to Fitness Friday on the blog my friend!  Today we’re doing my FAVORITE kind of workout, TABATA.  What is tabata? It’s a type of short interval training that is high intensity and it is GREAT for burning fat and boosting metabolism as well as increasing aerobic and anaerobic fitness!  The coolest thing is that you can get a killer workout in a super short amount of time!  Say goodbye to the hour + at the gym!  This is the type of fitness we can all get down with!

Got a jump rope? Ok, let’s get to work!!


Quick Tabata workout for your #FITNESSFRIDAY

Set your timer for 20 seconds work 10 seconds of rest, if you don’t have a timer go to on your laptop or down load a free tabata app from your app store.  I use just a basic interval timer app.

Exercise Circuit

  • Jump rope 20 seconds
  • Rest 10
  • Bodyweight Squats (get that butt LOW) 20 seconds
  • Rest 10
  • Jump rope 20 seconds
  • Rest 10
  • Push Ups (on knees is fine) 20 seconds
  • Rest 10
  • Alternating Lunges 20 seconds
  • Rest 10
  • Jump Rope 20 seconds
  • Minute Rest then REPEAT 3x’s

How’d you do? You’ll be completely finished with your workout in under 14 minutes today! How’s that for quick?!

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**Make sure you already have a base level of fitness before attempting these workouts and have been cleared by your doctor for higher intensity exercise.**

Love at First Lift

Crossfit, I always wanted to go hardcore into it but I always held myself back. Why? Well it’s a four letter “F” word that steals hopes and dreams and futures, it’s the worst thing. FEAR.  I was afraid I’d suck (which makes NO sense since I’m not a complete stranger to many of the exercises), I was intimidated about going to a new gym, with new people I didn’t know, I was afraid of being judged, I was afraid that my blood sugars would go INSANE, that my pump would irritate the crap out of me while I worked out and that I’d rip my dex off my arm.

So what did I do?  I made EXCUSES.  Big fat excuses, “the box is too far away!” “it costs too much money,” and the list continued.  Luckily, I have a group of T1 friends that have continued to show how awesome the community is and I have a local friend that kept inviting me to come try it out.  When Jen texted me saying that she was going to a Tuesday class at noon, my first thought was, “what excuse can I come up with so I don’t have to go?” LAME. I know!  But there was fear again.  I told fear to go crawl back into the hole it came from and I texted Jen back, “I’ll be there if you are!”

I rolled up to the box, nervous, anxious and all the way there I was praying to have a good experience.  As soon as I walked in you know what happened? I felt AT HOME! Yup, at home, in a place I’d never been in before.  I was warmly welcomed in a way I’ve NEVER experienced in another gym and I’ve worked in 2 myself and been a member at 2 others.  The coach explained everything with the workout, made me feel confident in what I was doing, helped when I needed it, praised when I did well and the community encouraged me through my very first Metcon.12980617_10102923707917769_1144573731_n

Oh and did I mention how kid friendly this was. Now I can’t say every box will be like this but to know I could bring my little one (eventually when we have one) in their carseat and that no one would think I was crazy was AWESOME!  I know that so many women unfortunately have to deal with childcare issues and that’s a barrier to get back to the gym.

After the WOD everyone hung out together, caught up, ate, etc.  It was like I was back in high school or college after soccer practice or before a game, everyone hanging out together.  Community is a huge piece of Crossfit.

It didn’t take me very long to decide that I was buying myself a birthday present a week early.  A membership to the box for at least 3 months so I could re-harness my inner athlete…which I’ve been missing so INCREDIBLY bad! I missed the athletic community, I missed heavy lifting, I missed feeling like a badass, I missed the confidence that lifting gave me, I missed competing.

After I left, all I could literally think about were two things; WHY HAD I WAITED SO LONG? and hurry up Thursday because I can’t wait to go again! Call me a weirdo, call me obsessed, but I haven’t felt that way about my workouts in a L.O.N.G. time. I was hooked, it was love at first lift.

Oh and for my diatribe, how were my blood sugars? Tuesday they stayed pretty flat and in range.  I did wear my pump through both sessions and kept a normal basal going.  On Thursday, things were a little more intense and I did land at 150 post workout but came back down fairly quickly.  I’d call it a win.  I will say, with t1 staying on top of your numbers during ANY workout is key to optimal control. I do a finger stick before and after and if I see my dex graph changing during the workout I’ll stick then as well and adjust as needed. As far as where I wore my pump, I clipped it the first day to the strap of my tank and the second day to the back of my tank between my shoulder blades.  (see pic)13022346_10102923704265089_874332210_n

So the lesson I hope you can take away from this is, don’t let fear hold you back from ANYTHING in life.  Letting fear win will only steal amazing experiences from your life. Stop making excuses.  If you want something bad enough you’ll find a way to make it work.  And don’t judge something until you actually go experience it.

Now it’s your turn, what can you overcome this week and tell fear to take a hike on? Leave me a comment!!! I’d love to hear all about it!