Happy Mind, Happy Life

Happiness is something that we make difficult when really it’s simple. Happiness is NOT contingent on your bank account, pant size, weight, house, where you live, your job, relationship status, the car you drive or how far you went in your education.

Happiness is 100% free.

Happiness is a choice you make each day when you wake up.

Happiness is a state you can enjoy RIGHT NOW if you change the lens you view your life through.  Happiness lies within, not externally, so let’s remove the happiness blocks.


So if we find ourselves lacking our happy, how do you we get it back?  Here are 10 quick tips:

  1. Practice gratitude and count your blessings. When you wake up take time to be thankful or write out three things you’re grateful for or blessed by each day.
  2. SMILE more! Making a smiling face carries over to our emotions. Plus it makes the world a prettier place.
  3. Daily affirmations. Using “I am” statements based on current needs.  For example, if you’re lacking confidence in your business maybe your statement is, “I am confident and successful in my business.”
  4. Hold back on complaining, gossiping or any negative self talk.  
  5. Take up personal growth. Audio like podcasts or audiobooks or reading personal growth and development books.  Fill your brain with positive info daily!
  6. Take care of your body!  Nutrition and exercise play a huge role in how we feel and impact things like anxiety and depression.  Exercise releases happy endorphins!  So get moving.
  7. Surround yourself with individuals that raise you up, not bring you down.
  8. Be kind to others.  This is the golden rule.  Do nice things for others and it brings you joy!
  9. Meditation and/or prayer, even if it’s just 3 minutes daily.
  10. Look for the silver lining in all situations.  Know all situations happen for you not to you and can teach something and help you grow.


I hope that you can apply some of these tips to your life and ultimately remember that HAPPINESS IS AN INSIDE JOB!

Choose happy today!


What’s Defining You?

What are you being defined by?

  • Your body?
  • Your career?
  • Your education level?
  • What your friends, parents, boss, spouse say about you?
  • Past mistakes?

I’ve allowed myself to be defined by all of these things too.  At some point I’m sure something on this list (and things not on the list) we have all felt defined by. But none of these things are what we are!!!

We aren’t our body, but we have a body.

We have a career, but we are not our career.

We may or may not have finished schooling, but we’re not our IQ or diploma.

People in our lives may doubt us, may say negative things but that’s actually not about us at all and it has everything to do with how poorly they see themselves, how insecure they are!

We might make mistakes, but we aren’t mistakes.  Mistakes are nothing more than growth opportunities.

What are we really? We are souls having a human experience honestly. Does that mean that we shouldn’t take care of our bodies? That’s not what I’m saying. Yes, I do believe that taking care of the flesh is important because it houses the soul and for us to be able to actually do what we are called to do, what I refer to as our “SOUL WORK,” the flesh has to be able! But our exterior shouldn’t be the main focus of our lives.  A Course in Miracles says, “Do not fight yourself,” meaning waging war against your body is only glorifying it, and creating an idol.  Beating yourself up based on your body takes love away from the world instead of adding to it.  It decreases your ability to bring good into the world. Stop “punishing” your body, whether through deprivation or indulging.  Treat your body with respect and love, period. It’s a gift.

Does that surprise you coming from a personal trainer and health coach?  Those might be titles that the world gave me to describe what I do, but what I actually do and want people to know is that I’m a lightworker, a mentor, helping others see the power that is within them and helping them embrace what they’re here on this world to do!

What is our purpose here? Is it to pick a career at 22, stick it out no matter what, punch a time clock, pay our bills and die? Yeah, I know it’s not and you know it’s not as well.  I believe our purpose here is to:

  1. LOVE. Love ourselves. Love each other. Heal the world with LOVE.
  2. Be good stewards with everything we have.  That means utilizing our gifts, talents, abilities, that have been given to us for a specific purpose.  USE THEM! The world needs you, that’s why you were created!  You have something to offer!
  3. To help others through this crazy thing called life by teaching what we’ve learned from our own experiences and to help them become all they were created to be and recognize that they are spiritual beings having a human experience.

None of those above 3 things have anything to do with the size of your body, the career you picked, if you finished school or what your diploma says or what other people think about you!  Let’s work on not being defined by those things, the things the world tells us are important and let’s start focusing on what is important, loving ourselves and others and shining our unique and authentic light into the world to help guide others!

What are your unique gifts and talents that you can use to make the world a better place?  How are you using them? Comment below!  I want to know!

Go change the world,






Happy Independence Day Weekend!

I’ve created a QUICK workout for you to do between all of your holiday celebrations!  You should be able to complete this workout (depending on how fast you run and how much time you take for recovery) between 20-30 minutes!  You can totally do this at home.  Grab one or two weights, head outside with your water and let’s get this DONE!


Weekend Warrior Workout

  • 400 meter run
  • 20 upright rows
  • 15 goblet squats
  • 20 overhead presses
  • 20 alternating lunges (10 lunges each leg)


Repeat 3-4 times depending on your fitness level.  Beginners 3x, everyone else 4x. Take 1 minute between circuits.

Two 10lb dumbbells would be perfect for this workout and if you find yourself super fatigued on your last circuit, drop the weights for your squats and lunges.  Body weight moves are still excellent!

Make sure to stay hydrated!

Let me know if you did this workout, share this post with your friends and family and send me a pic on my FB (@dorothyboothfitness) showing me your post workout selfie!

Have a wonderful and safe weekend!



GrifGrips Product Review

If you’ve ever worn an insulin pump or a CGM, you know the headache that comes along with trying to keep those things on your body!  It seems like the adhesive NEVER lasts as long as it should and our supplies are EXPENSIVE!  I know I’ve personally paid anywhere from $300 for a box of 4 Dexcom sensors (a typical month supply) to $75 for a box of 4, depending on what my insurance decided at that point in time and what mail order pharmacy I was “allowed” to use.

In an effort to get every last second of use out of my supplies and make that adhesive last as long as possible, I tried EVERYTHING.  First is was medical tape.  That was a horrendous disaster that resulted in the worst skin rash of my life!  I’m pretty sure the tape actually burned my skin. PASS.

Next up was using IV prep wipes which leaves the skin a little sticky and then placing clear plastic adhesive called IV3000 over the site or CGM sensor.  The issue with this one was having to cut holes in the IV3000 to fit just perfecting over the CGM sensor.  I wasted more IV3000 in the process than I actually used. PASS.

I tried bandaids when all else failed and I was out and about.  I’ve seen some people resort to duct tape! Ouch!

Finally, I found RockTape H20.  It was amazing because it was stretchy and water resistant and I used that for at least a solid year if not more.  However, it comes in one big roll, and I was always having to cut strips of it and perfectly position it around my sensor.  After a day or two it would start to peel, sometimes right after it was freshly applied it would get caught on my clothing and I’d have to start over again.  But at this point in my journey, this was the best I had found, so I assumed I’d just have to make due!

It wasn’t until recently that I found GrifGrips! I decided I had nothing to lose and at their LOW price point I ordered two different grips and anxiously awaited their arrival in my mailbox. When the pink and purple CGM cut out grips showed up I was too excited to wait for my hubby to come home to help me apply it BUT to my surprise I was able to apply it by myself, one handed without issue.  The hot pink grip definitely stood out! It was flexible and moving around I didn’t even notice it was there…unlike other products I’ve used.


Typically even with my RockTape, I had to replace it at least 2x during the week of my sensor use. So far with this one GrifGrip, I’ve had no adhesive issues, no sticking to my clothes and it’s still holding SUPER STRONG.  I’m about a week into this one and I’ll make sure to update this blog as time passes to let you guys know just how long it holds on!

This company is truly taking care of the diabetic community!  Not only did they manage to make a product that would help with my CGM sensor issue, but they have created products that run the gamut of every diabetic apparatus out there; omnipods, all 3 CGMs, and every infusion set created by all the different pump companies.  The lightweight, stretchy, breathable material will keep cgm/omnipod/infusion sets, safely in place while also allowing customized colors, patterns and shapes so long gone are the days of being  locked into the boring white or nude colors or medical tape/bandaids.

If you’re tired of losing your expensive sensors, pods and infusion sets check out GrifGrips AND because you’re my loyal reader, I’ve got something special for you! GrifGrips is offering 25% off to those of you that order and use the code ‘THRIVE’ at checkout!  So what are you waiting for? Head over there now and pick out your favorite color and shape and get fancy with your T1D and then let me know which ones you decide to get!!!

Hope this was super helpful!




**I was not compensated for this review and paid for the product I reviewed on my own.**

6 Tips to a Positive Mindset

Every single day you have the opportunity to start over, fresh slate, you’re brand new.

Don’t drag tomorrow, last week, last year into today.  Don’t add worries about tomorrow, next week, next year into today.

To fully live a beautiful life, to appreciate life, to be happy, you must live in the present moment.  You cannot go backwards in time and fix anything and going backwards will only cause you pain and suffering.

You cannot control the outcomes of the future fully.  Don’t project your fear and worries forward into your life.

What you can do, is your best today.  You can be immersed in each moment as they come.  You can love deeply, smile wide, embrace each minute you’ve been gifted. Feel the sun on your skin, the wind in your hair, the beat of your heart in your chest.  CHERISH RIGHT NOW!

All of this of course is a mindset shift and takes work, but it’s well worth it!  So how do you change your mindset to become more positive, to release fear, to embrace happiness and thankfulness?


Here are a few tips on how to change your mindset:


  1. Practice Gratitude Multiple times a day.  When you wake up in the morning express thanks that you’re opening your eyes again. That you have another day ahead of you.  Take some time to journal three things you appreciate in your life, it doesn’t matter how big or small they are.  As your day progresses, find things to be thankful for that you might have otherwise overlooked, like the smile from a stranger or someone holding the door for you.
  2. Do Something Nice for Someone Else.  Big or small act it doesn’t matter.  Start a chain reaction. Pay for someone’s coffee, help a co-worker that’s overwhelmed, pay a compliment to someone instead of keeping your thought to yourself.
  3. Turn Off the News and TV.  Do you realize most of what you hear on the news is absolutely dreadful? It’s depressing and negative. Why inundate your brain with that?  SKIP!
  4. Read More or Listen to Audios.  Pick up a personal growth and development book! Gasp, you might have to walk into the “self help” section of the book store!  But trust me, filling your brain with GOOD, positive information will transform your life.  Pick books based on areas of your life you’d like to improve!  If you’re not a reader, download audible or podcasts to listen to!  Make your commuting time one of growth versus spending it scrolling Facebook. If you need suggestions feel free to message me.  I probably own half of the books and audios at this point!
  5. Cut Down Your Social Media Time. Yup I’m going there! While social sites can be great, they can also be giant time sucks and ways to start feeling bad about yourself and comparing yourself to others.  Remember that what people share on SM is their highlight reel! If you want to be part of social media sites, give yourself a time limit so you don’t get sucked in.  Also, stop following people that leave you feeling less than or that you find yourself in a comparison game with or that post lots of negative things.  
  6. Choose Your Circle Wisely. This is probably the hardest one you’ll have to work on.  You’re most like the 5 people you spend time with.  Start paying attention to those you socialize with on a regular basis.  Are they negative or positive? Are they growing or stagnant? Are you in the comparison game with them? How do you feel in these relationships? Are they sucking your energy? Do you leave your time with these people feeling awful? If so, it’s time to find a new circle!  Don’t feel bad about this!


Which tips are you going to start implementing??  I’d love to know! Leave me a comment below!



Low Carb Zucchini Bread

One of my favorite things to make once the weather is warm and all the zucchini’s are popping out of everyone’s garden’s at lightening speed is zucchini bread!  It’s great as a snack or for breakfast with a good cup of coffee while sitting on the porch getting ready for an awesome day! (recipe below picture)



  • 1 cup (1 small to medium) zucchini, finely shredded and moisture squeezed out
  • 4 eggs
  • 2-3 Tbsp. honey or Walden Farms pancake syrup (walden farms will reduce carbs)
  • 1 small banana, mashed
  • 1 tbsp sweve sweetener (buy here)
  • 1 Tbsp. coconut oil, plus extra if greasing the pan
  • 1/2 cup coconut flour
  • 1/2 tsp. baking soda
  • ½ tsp. Baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp. salt
  • 1 Tbsp. cinnamon
  • ½ tsp. nutmeg
  • 1 tsp. apple cider vinegar
  • ½ cup rough chopped pecans



  1. Heat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Grease a loaf pan with coconut oil.
  3. Shred your zucchini, and cheesecloth squeeze all the moisture.
  4. Mix the egg, honey or syrup, swerve, oil, and banana together in a large bowl.
  5. Mix in the dry ingredients and zucchini, then add the apple cider vinegar, and stir until the batter is smooth.
  6. Stir in the nuts.

Pour batter into a greased loaf pan and bake for 35-45 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean. (Larger pans will take less time.)  I actually cooked this once in a 9×9 square pan and cut it up into cake squares!  It took about 30 minutes to cook, so that’s another option as well!

Tell me when you’re planning on trying this recipe!



My Life In Needles: MDI vs Insulin Pumping

mylifeinneedlesWho would’ve thought my life would be defined by needles and vials?  Certainly wasn’t on my dream board at 8 years old, but we take the cards life deals us, make the best of the situation and soldier on.

Many of you know me personally or have followed my diabetes journey on FB or IG.  But for those of you just tuning in, I’ve been type 1 diabetic for 20 years. Of those 20 years, I spent 12 of them on the insulin pump and then a little over 3 years ago, after lots of intense research and knowing there was a better way for me to live, I went back to multiple daily injections or MDI.  I thrived on MDI and saw the best progress in my health that I’d experienced since childhood.  I was able to lower my A1c (average blood sugar over 3 months) from 7.4% down to 5.5% without lots of swings in my numbers.  I frequently had flatlines on my CGM (I wear a Dexcom) and my doctor was impressed with my progress since I went “backwards” as they say from pumping to injections.


In March of 2016, since my husband and I had talked repeatedly with my doctors about starting our family and finally had the green light  to try, my endocrinologist highly suggested that I go back to insulin pumping.  I was hesitant but agreed.  I scored the high tech Tandem T-Slim insulin pump, think of it as the Iphone of insulin pumps, touch screen and all.  All the basics were the same as my old insulin pump and I went on about my life, carb counting, extending boluses, using the temporary basal features and the integrated dexcom.


To most people the idea of only having to stick themselves once every three days versus 10 times a day as is customary for tight control on MDI would be highly appealing but I’ll tell you, I hated infusion set change day.  I hated looking at my body for a “prime piece of real estate” that would be infused with insulin for three days.  My skin quickly began to look like pin cushion and lots of the issues I had in the 12 years of prior pumping came back.  Let me share them with you so that if you or someone you know has t1 and experiences these things on the pump, you’ll know you’re not alone and you’re not crazy…despite what your doctor’s try to convince you of.

Issues while pumping:

  • Bad absorption.  Most people are able to wear an infusion set for 72 hours.  My body seems to not like to absorb properly after 24-36 hours of use in one area leading to elevated blood sugars on the end of day 2 and into day 3 of use. Plus I also firmly believe that insulin in the pump loses it’s effectiveness after being heated by our bodies for days on end.
  • Slow healing.  After removing an infusion set, insulin would ooze back out, a lot of insulin usually. Nothing was ever infected but each “hole” left in my body from the cannula would scab over, leaving that pincushion look all over my body.
  • Adhesive.  I’ve always been sensitive to adhesives in things like bandaids, medical tape, etc.  My infusion sites would itch and drive me crazy.  This mostly happens with the skin on my legs and abdomen.  My arms seem to fare well…which is weird, however I hated wearing sites on my arms and weaving the tubing through my sleeves.
  • Infusion site FAILURES.  This is what makes me really upset.  You can have a bent cannula (the piece of plastic that stays under your skin to infuse the insulin) or you could have hit a vein and you usually DON’T have any way of knowing until you notice your blood sugar climbing and you can’t get it down after HOURS of fighting it.  Most of us don’t like to rip our newly inserted sites out…since they’re pricey to begin with, so we usually trouble shoot as much as we can until our last option is to remove and start over. 9x’s out of 10 I either had a bent cannula or had hit a vein with resulted in my bathroom looking like I just filmed an episode of CSI…blood everywhere. Yippe! Meanwhile let me remind you that blood sugars over 140mg/dl cause organ damage AND the purpose of me being on this technology was control for impending pregnancy. So imagine you’re growing a fetus that NEEDS steady blood sugars to thrive and avoid developmental complications!  You can see how this would be an issue!
  • Tethered.  Constantly being attached to SOMETHING.  Needing pockets to hide it in or clip the pump onto.  Choosing clothing based on the fact that I had to wear this medical equipment just plain sucks for me.  For 12 years I didn’t wear dresses or skirts except for a few occasions like prom and my wedding (which I had a pocket sewn into my dress).
  • Exercise.  “Where do I put this thing? Crap my clothes don’t have pockets. Eww not in my bra, there’s too much boob sweat there. Ugh my tank top straps aren’t sturdy enough to support this thing.  OMG we have to run and jump today, well I guess I’ll be holding it while I do box jumps or run that 300.”  That was me ALL the time at crossfit. Annoying. 
  • Time.  Let’s go back to site change day.  It never fails that you WILL run out of insulin at the most inopportune times, like when you’re already running late somewhere but your bionic pancreas is screaming at you to refill it.  And the amount of trash all the pieces parts make is ridiculous.
  • Free Pass.  OK, now this one might ruffle some feathers but I’ve worked with enough other t1’s in my coaching practice and with myself to know that (even outside of the diabetes community) we’ve ALL got issues around food!  We’re addicted. We LOVE to eat. We eat when we’re happy. We eat when we’re bored. We eat to be social. We eat when we’re lonely, sad, depressed. We’re emotional eaters. We abuse food. For me using an insulin pump is a crutch and for a lot of t1s it is for them as well.  When I was 13 years old the first thing the doctor said to me after I was hooked up to it was, “now you can FINALLY eat PIZZA and be like your friends!” and so it started, the idea that now I was “normal” and wearing this technology gave me a free pass to eat shit…yup I said it!  I’m going there. It should NEVER be advertised as a way to eat what you want.  But pumping offers a convenience factor.  It’s easy to say YES to food without thinking about it because we reach down, hit a button and insulin is delivered.  We don’t have to do the calculations for the carbs, find our insulin pen or syringe, wearing a pump means you just type in the info and the pump does the rest. Voila! Easy as the cherry pie you just took a bite of. However with injections it’s like an added layer of food protection.  You have to think through your actions more because you’ll have to complete more steps and use more brain power on your own.  Here’s an analogy: it’s 9pm, you’re not hungry but watching tv and decide you’re bored and there’s ice cream in the freezer and you MUST eat it so you go get it and a spoon and pile it into your mouth.  Great.  But what if you had the same thought about the ice cream but realized you didn’t have any and if you wanted it you’d have to get dressed, find your keys and drive to the store? You probably would skip the ice cream.  That’s what MDI helps me do.  Protects me from making bad food decisions because I have to think them through.


Now let me just say, this is my own personal account and the beauty, if you can call it that, of this disease is that we as t1’s have the ability to choose how we want to manage it.  Some of us swear by the pump and you’d have to pry it out of our hands to separate us from it. Others of us, like myself could care less about the technology factor of the pump and prefer the needles.  Both options are totally fine and it’s all about your individual preference.


I just wanted to write this post so that those of you out there asking WHY I went back to needles have answers, because I don’t think these reasons are really talked about!  I’m happy to be untethered, and to see my flatlines on my CGM coming back.  I want those of you that love MDI to know that it’s COOL to love MDI and don’t feel bullied or pressured by your doctor to change!  My theory is if it’s not broken, don’t fix it!  I wasn’t broken, so I really didn’t need fixing. And for those of you pumping that want to take a pump vacation or go back to MDI all together, don’t let your doctor tell you it can’t be done!  It can, I’m proof multiple times over! Find a doctor that supports what you want to do!


MDI Bloodsugars

I will tell those of you considering MDI or a pump vacation that taking injections and maintaining tight control IS WORK!  I’m not going to stevia coat that (we don’t sugar coat things in diabetes land because we have to inject for that!)  But I will tell you the freedom has been 150% worth it for me!  I will write another blog post specifically about my regimen later on this month because the next slew of questions that usually follows is what kind of insulins I use, how I bolus, how I split my insulin etc, which all of those things are specific to me BUT I do believe that by sharing what works for us, it allows other t1s to see what’s possible for them. So if you want to make sure you’re notified when that blog comes out SUBSCRIBE and share with your t1 friends!


So I want to hear below, are you MDI or a pumper? Are you considering taking a pump vacay at all??  What questions do you have for me?


Chat soon my diabtribe,




Tabata Training

Welcome to Fitness Friday on the blog my friend!  Today we’re doing my FAVORITE kind of workout, TABATA.  What is tabata? It’s a type of short interval training that is high intensity and it is GREAT for burning fat and boosting metabolism as well as increasing aerobic and anaerobic fitness!  The coolest thing is that you can get a killer workout in a super short amount of time!  Say goodbye to the hour + at the gym!  This is the type of fitness we can all get down with!

Got a jump rope? Ok, let’s get to work!!


Quick Tabata workout for your #FITNESSFRIDAY

Set your timer for 20 seconds work 10 seconds of rest, if you don’t have a timer go to www.tabatatimer.com on your laptop or down load a free tabata app from your app store.  I use just a basic interval timer app.

Exercise Circuit

  • Jump rope 20 seconds
  • Rest 10
  • Bodyweight Squats (get that butt LOW) 20 seconds
  • Rest 10
  • Jump rope 20 seconds
  • Rest 10
  • Push Ups (on knees is fine) 20 seconds
  • Rest 10
  • Alternating Lunges 20 seconds
  • Rest 10
  • Jump Rope 20 seconds
  • Minute Rest then REPEAT 3x’s

How’d you do? You’ll be completely finished with your workout in under 14 minutes today! How’s that for quick?!

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**Make sure you already have a base level of fitness before attempting these workouts and have been cleared by your doctor for higher intensity exercise.**

Want Better Blood Sugar Control? Why Wearing a CGM ROCKS!

“What’s that thing on your arm?” That’s probably the most asked question when I’m out in public.  I’ve had the opportunity to educate MANY people on continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) and type 1 diabetes because I choose to wear my diabetic devices in plain sight.

View More: http://brittneyeischens.pass.us/misfitrepublic

Growing up, I usually wanted to hide it.  I didn’t want to be different from my friends but as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized that I can use my illness as a gift.  I can be the educator to people in the diabetic community and the general public, the encourager to other t1’s to come out of the closet and stop hiding their t1 and the advocate for this amazing technology that has improved my life SO much!

In my early 20’s I tried out another company’s CGM and let’s say between the size of the harpoon, I mean needle I had to use to inject the thing and the HORRIBLE time delay and inaccuracy, I basically flushed money down the toilet because I refused to wear it.  So when the Dexcom came on to the scene, I was less than interested.  I figured I’d just continue to hack it on my own.

I’m not sure what finally changed my mind to give the dexcom a try but I am BEYOND happy that I did.  3 years ago I started using the Dexcom Platinum G4 and was excited when my cute pink receiver showed up on my front porch.  After a quick training with a nurse, I was up and running and haven’t looked back since.  

What has the Dexcom done for me (and my family) and why does it rock so much?

  1. It has allowed me to fine tune my blood sugars and keep them in a tight range. Hello to my gorgeous a1c in the 5%s.
  2. It alerts me to changes happening rapidly within my body so I can take care of things before they get too out of hand or I need help from another person.
  3. It allows me to sleep securely through the night. Many of us T1s have a fear of sleep because of the rapid changing blood sugars and we are afraid we will not wake up to treat lows.  Many T1s have passed away in bed from this situation.
  4. It gives my husband peace of mind.  He can simply look at my receiver while I sleep to make sure I’m OK.
  5. It helps me see what certain foods impact my blood sugar the most so I’ve been able to fine tune my nutrition even more.
  6. It allows me to detect patterns and trends which I’m able to share with my doctor so together we can make changes to my insulin needs.
  7. It makes exercise easier to deal with!  Depending on the type of exercise I can either skyrocket or go low!  This way I was able to establish my insulin needs prior, during and post workout!
  8. It’s pretty accurate.  Not 100%.  There are still tech issues occasionally but for the most part it’s pretty close to my finger stick blood sugar checks.
  9. It’s reduced my number of finger sticks a day! YAY
  10. It makes me look like the bionic woman 🙂

And for your viewing pleasure, here’s how I love to wear my dex and how I manage arm placement!

Hope this was both educational and fun! Happy blood sugars to my diatribe!



Why Paleo with Type 1 Diabetes?

Nutrition has always been a huge part of my life, nailing down what worked best for me and my body, well that was another issue altogether.  I was raised on cereal, baked ziti, Rice-A-Roni, stuffed shells, chicken every way possible, pot roast…the list goes on. My parents were good cooks from Italian and German backgrounds, let’s just say we ate WELL.  I ate my fair share of crap.  Who didn’t? I loved ice cream. I loved mashed potatoes. And if someone made a good yeast roll, well just sign me up to be your best friend.  I was full of grains and gluten and dairy.

Being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 8, the only recommended guidelines for meals were to make sure you were stuffed with carbs, low fat, use artificial sweeteners, processed foods were cool by the dieticians standards because of the nutrition labels making it easy for them to show me how to count carbs.  Can we see how this was a recipe for failure when diabetes is a disease where we can’t metabolize carbohydrates?

I was always searching for a way to control my blood sugar, have energy, feel great and still fit into my clothes.  I tried following what the dieticians said year after year then finally turned to Weight Watchers, calorie counting/restricting, Dr. Phil diet, Lean Cuisines, Slim Fast and other meal replacements, The South Beach Diet, and finally clean eating.  Let me remind you all of these occurred by the time I was 22 years old! YIKES!

Sick and tired of being sick and tired, done with seeing my blood sugars climb, my energy plummet, my depression kick my ass, and my weight slowly creep, I did what any Millennial would do, I took to Google.  At this point I don’t even remember what I googled but I somehow stumbled across Robb Wolf and a few testimonials from type 1 diabetics.  Honestly, I couldn’t find many type 1’s doing anything that wasn’t the ADA (American Diabetes Association) recommended diet (which wasn’t working for me) so seeing a few t1s have success and reading that Paleo is really just a whole foods lifestyle that eliminated the BIGGEST offenders to our health, I figured what did I have to lose?

The summer of 2011 I embarked on my Paleo journey.  Armed with books from Barnes and Noble, I dismantled our pantry, rebuilt it and completely overhauled how I was eating. The changes in my insulin needs happened pretty quickly!  I was reducing what I was taking daily and over that first summer I lost a few pounds and already started to see better blood sugar control!

Over the last five years, I’ve had ebbs and flows in my journey.  I’ve had strict compliance and had times of practicing the 80/20 rule. Cheese occasionally finds its way to my plate and if I want a bite of something a family member is having it’s not the end of the world, but I can definitely tell with my blood sugars and digestive troubles when I’ve overdone it with “non paleo foods.” It’s amazing how quickly I realized that what I considered feeling “good” pre-paleo, was a far cry from what good actually was.  

For years I struggled with constipation, bloating, gas, skin rashes, lack of energy, bouts of insomnia, depression, anxiety, brain fog, roller coaster blood sugars finally peaking at 7.4% a1c, weight fluctuations, high cholesterol and hair loss.  It wasn’t until I took charge of my own health that all of this changed.  It’s crazy to think that all of it DID change not with pharmaceutical drugs, which is what all the doctors wanted to do, but through FOOD!

Food is medicine! Nutrition has the power to heal or hurt us.  Unfortunately, what we’ve been taught is how to use it to hurt ourselves thanks to grand marketing schemes and mega corporations that are in it for the profits. The food we are eating today is not what our great grandparents ate.  They didn’t eat partially hydrogenated oils, red dye #40, high fructose corn syrup or whatever the heck Velveeta cheese is made from!  They ate food that came from the ground or had a mother.  There food wasn’t trucked in from Chile, China, Ecuador, or Thailand, it was grown locally or by them. It wasn’t genetically modified to taste sweeter, grow bigger and faster, it wasn’t picked before it was ripe so that by the time it got to the store shelf it was finally the right color but lacking nutrients.  The soil their food came from wasn’t over farmed and sick and lacking the basic nutrients as it is today.  They knew where the animals they were eating were raised and fed.  Cooking was part of life not relying on fast food or pre packaged franken-foods.

Switching gears back to the basics of nutrition, eating like we were designed to eat lowered my a1c to 5.5%, helped me lose 10lbs, lower my HDL, triglycerides, up my HDL, my skin cleared up, I no longer struggled with painful gas on a regular basis or was so bloated I couldn’t button my pants, I could sleep SOUNDLY through the night, I kicked the depression, I had energy for all my daily tasks and workouts! I floored my doctors who couldn’t believe what I achieved with FOOD and not medicine.  I felt like I had a new lease on life.  One that without me becoming my own advocate, doing my own research and being willing to go against the grain, would never have happened.


So why am I telling you this story? Because I know there are those of you reading it that have suffered with the same things I have.  You’ve tried a million and one different things to try to get healthy and repeatedly failed…we all have.  You’re frustrated…just like I was.  You want answers you’re not getting mainstream.  You want help.  You want to feel GREAT because you know there’s a better way.  That’s why I’m sharing!  I’ve found the better way and I’m shortening the learning curve for you.  I’m not saying it’s easy, but I am saying it’s worth it and you’re 100% worthy of feeling amazing and having a long healthy life. If you’ve struggled with any of the things I’ve talked about (or other things) I hope you’ll connect with me!  My heart’s desire is to truly serve people to help them reclaim their health.  Each month I work with 10 new clients and if you feel like this is the month for you, fill out your contact info on my website and I’ll be so excited to connect with you!

Healthy is Happy!