Stop Hustling!

It’s a Monday morning, laying on my toddlers bedroom floor, he and I cuddled together, staring out the window watching the snowfall, I realized this is the pace of life I was meant to live and have been missing.

I’ve spent years building my businesses. I built them to have time, to have freedom & to be able to be present for my family.

My most recent one was built during the first year of my child’s life.

In therapy (yes, therapy) I cried because looking at pictures of my beautiful baby, I couldn’t remember all the stages and milestones.

My brain had been consumed with one word. A word our society glorifies. Something that makes us feel important. If we master it, we are told we are successful.


I hustled. I hustled hard. I had huge months. I had many 5 figure months. I was busy. I was stressed. I was angry. I was running myself into the ground.

I finally broke.

I thought I was dying. Actually dying. To the point I was afraid my child would grow up not knowing who I was.

I paid THOUSANDS of dollars, seeing so many doctors that my schedule consisted of at least 2-3 appointments a week…for months!

No one found anything but they all asked the same things.

“Are you taking time to take care of yourself? Are you getting sleep? Do you ever take time off?”

You see, the answer to all these were a big fat NO.

I was addicted to hustling, to feeling and seeming important. Successful people were always busy right? So I was always busy! I was grinding. At night I’d go to bed and be thinking of work, customers, my team, sales numbers, emails I needed to write and then my health fears would take over, inevitably my child would wake up at some point & sleep would be a lost cause.

But this is what we are taught. If you “work hard” you’ll be rewarded. “Good things come to those who hustle.”

It’s not true. None of it. Nothing has to be hard. Hard is a choice. Hard is a mindset.

You can also choose to let things be easy. You can choose to work smart, to set boundaries. You can choose your feelings. You can say “NO.” You can work in flow.

You see stress, anger and frustration that come from hustle may short term create success but it’s not sustainable. It creates negativity long term and negative energy cannot attract positivity. Basic law of attraction & frequency energy.

I was given a new mission because I believe we grow through what we go through. My mission is to support other women in business to learn they don’t have to accept “hard” or “hustle” as part of their vocabulary.

All of this started with freeing myself.

Slow down.


Stop to glorification of hustle.

Life’s too short for that shit.

Choose His Truth

Hello friends! It’s been a while! Where have I been? Busy running my business, raising a baby (who’s now 9 months old) and I’ve been struggling for a few months with health issues. We are still waiting on answers and lots of doctors appointments and the waiting has left me feeling defeated, confused, anxious and fearful.

Today, as I sat after my devotions, journal open to write my prayers to God, I experienced such an amazing revelation.

But today I was able to look back through my life and see just how far God has brought me. How many traumatic things He has walked me through, how many close calls He pulled me out of, how much He has protected and provided for me.

He is ALWAYS there and is ALWAYS GOOD!

Why would I doubt now??

The reason I’ve doubted…the enemy. As believers we are always under attack. The devil will find our trigger, our moment of weakness and plant one seed of doubt then sit back and watch us water it and self destruct!

Today, I was able to write out the lies the enemy wanted me to believe, the things he hoped I’d start to shape my life out of. I was then able to confront those lies with the TRUTH of God!

The devil is a jerk (that’s putting it nicely). I not so nicely told him to leave my home and head today. He belongs in hell, not here & he can take his sorry beliefs with him.

Even with our unknown futures we can always trust a known and never changing God! He knows our futures and somehow, He works all things together for our good. Today more than ever I’m thankful for that!

God, you are amazing! 


Agnes & Dora 6 Month Update


Time flies when you’re having fun! Did you guys think I totally disappeared? Well I did for a little while, but now we’re together again, so let me bring you up to speed!

The last time we talked, I had just left the LuLaRoe queue and signed with Agnes & Dora. I gave you all my reasons and left you hanging with how things shook out! Sorry about that, but I had a good reason I promise.  I will be sharing some financial things in the blog post, not to brag, but because many ladies want to know what’s possible with this business.  I believe in being transparent in business so others can see what’s possible 🙂 

On November 7, 2016, I went into preterm labor with my son.  He was 31 weeks and 5 days old. There was NO stopping the birth and he came into the world a solid 8 weeks early. Don’t panic! He was so healthy. The doctors were unbelievably impressed but we still had to leave him in the NICU.  The following week, as my husband and I IMG_5184were playing the NICU parenting game, me trying to recover, him working and both of us bouncing back and forth between the hospital and home, my inventory arrived. Both excitement and overwhelm took over at that point.  I had a business to run but was also now the mom of a preemie and trying to rest and recover.


If there’s one thing you’ll learn about me, it’s that I have a hard time slowing down and resting. If I have goals, well watch out!  Despite it being the CRAZIEST time in my life, I launched my business the same week I received my inventory. Some people thought I was nuts, but I truly needed the distraction. I needed something to keep my mind from the fact that my son was 35 minutes away from me and that there was nothing I could do about it but wait for time to pass, weight to be gained and for him to hit certain milestones so he could come home.

The first weekend, I did an inhome open house and had friends and family come shop and try on all the A&D goodies. It was a success in my eyes! I sold around $1k retail in just a few hours that weekend.  I then went to my Facebook group and starting doing both album and live sales there.

What everyone wants to know is, “how long did it take you to make back what you invested?” Originally my plan was 30 days but seeings how I had extenuating circumstances, I cut myself some slack.  It took me until the end of December, so around 45 days.  I ended 2016 breaking even.

During that time, our son was discharged from the hospital and my business strategy changed drastically.  Originally, I had planned to do a mix of online, in home shopping hours and pop ups in other friends homes.  However, we knew bringing a preemie baby home in December meant we needed to now go into hermit mode for the sake of health.  All of my sales ended up being done online from early December until now (May 2017). The last week of December, I sat and really reflected on what I wanted to create with this business.  I could see the potential for this business to me the thing that changed the life of my family.  You see during December, my husband was home the entire month. All I wanted now was to create enough income to 1) pay off the enormous debt the NICU had piled on us and 2) give my husband more time at home with us.

I was determined and committed to creating MASSIVE change for us and that’s what I have done.

Since January my retail sales have grown between  $1.5-$2k every month and April I closed out my first 5 figure month in sales! In fact, in April I far surpassed my original sales goal. It was a pretty awesome 30th birthday present to get.  Now, one thing I want to say about this growth is that it doesn’t come easy. You’ll hear some people say that “the clothes sell themselves,” and that’s not true. You have to market, create a presence online, create relationships, provide good customer service, be a real and authentic person and show your personality. It’s work! It’s a lot of work! And with success comes more work…leggings, dresses and tops don’t just package and ship themselves ha!



When you turn 30, wear lemons!

Some other amazing things have happened besides my sales as well.  A&D did NOT allow us to recruit (until recently and we are NOT an MLM) but wanted us to have organic growth. My team organically grew to over 60 fabulous women! Many of whom were brought to me from this blog or my YouTube channel. One thing that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE is helping other women build their business and A&D has provided the opportunity for me to do that as well. We’ve formed a tight team based on empowering each other and uplifting each other up. We are a tribe of positive, go-getters, determined to change our lives and to make an impact in the world.


With all this hard work came other rewards like paying off our son’s NICU stay, allowing my husband the freedom to not work as much in order to be more present with us and we booked an oceanfront beach house for our family as well as a dream getaway to stay at the Biltmore. Of course, A&D doesn’t guarantee any level of income and like I said you have to work, but with hard work, amazing things are possible.


I’m sure many of you reading this will have particular questions if you’re looking at A&D as a business opportunity. I plan on doing more blogs on specific topics as well as adding more to my YouTube channel  but in the meantime, feel free to email me at If you’re interested in joining my tribe of go-getters please list “business opportunity” in the subject line. If you’d like to shop A&D you can do that here:  

Thank you all for taking the time to be a part of my journey!




Low Carb Pumpkin Brownies

Happy Fall Y’all!

It’s time for PUMPKIN EVERYTHING…well, if you’re like me! This weekend I scoured the internet trying to find a pumpkin brownie recipe that met my specific dietary needs, low carb, grain free and preferably dairy free. I found a few that met certain parts of that list but nothing that fit it 100%, so like any low carb t1 diabetic, I improvised and came up with my own rendition that I’m happy to share with you!

The outcome was a fudgy brownie, perfectly paired with unsweetened vanilla almond milk!


Here’s the recipe:

  • ½ cup coconut flour
  • ½ cup cocoa powder
  • 2 tbsp swerve sweetener
  • 1 tsp baking powder

And if you want to get really fancy you could totally add 1/2c Lily’s chocolate chips, Lily’s are sweetened with stevia and erythritol so there’s a lower impact on blood sugar.

You can find the coconut flour and swerve here on my Amazon store

  1. Heat oven to 350 and use coconut oil to grease a 9×9 or 8×8 pan
  2. Mix wet ingredients together, then add in dry.
  3. Spread brownie mix evenly into greased pan.
  4. Cook for 40-45 minutes depending on your oven!  

Makes 16 brownies and from my carb count that’s 4.125 carbs per brownie, with 3 of that coming from fiber.  May vary for you based on the brand of ingredients you use!


Why I Left the Lularoe Queue for Agnes and Dora


First let me say, I’m thankful for Lularoe because without it, the past few weeks in my pregnancy, I would’ve had nothing comfortable to wear!  I wish nothing but the best to all the reps I’ve met and become friends with and there are some awesome ladies, doing amazing things with their businesses!  With that, I have to secondly say that I have I’m super confident about my decision and the direction that I’m taking now and I feel incredibly blessed by how the whole change has come about.  It’s undoubtedly a God thing and you all know, where He leads, I follow!


I want my fashionista sisters that were patiently awaiting my inventory arrival to know, I’m not leaving them hanging!  I am still going to be here to help you dress super cute, feel super awesome and confident and empower you to be the best you, you can be BUT with a different organization that after much research fits me, my personality and business sense much better.  You probably haven’t heard of it before, because I’d only heard of it once in passing from one of my good friends who’s a yoga teacher and swears by their leggings.  The name is AGNES & DORA and the company was started before Lularoe by the niece of the Lularoe founder. After I reviewed their clothes, business model, talked to their home office, visited with numerous consultants, bought the clothes myself, showed you all two of the dresses I purchased and let my heart do the talking, I decided that it was the best fit for me and I submitted my contract with them and here are all of my reasons.  Let me also share with you, I have a business degree so many of my decisions came from the business knowledge that I have.


    • With Agnes & Dora I was able to pick between three packages, $2,500, $3,500 or $5,000, so I could decide what fits my budget best to get my business going.  With LLR, when I submitted my paperwork I was looking at about $5,000 to start and that price DID NOT include leggings, their most popular piece, so I would’ve had to spend at least $6,000.  HOWEVER, as of last week LLR changed the packages and I would have been spending even more to get going, $5,500, $6,200 or upwards of $9,000!  I needed to make the best financial decision for our growing family!



    • If you’re looking to join a company, you want to look at the company size to see how saturated the market is with their reps.  I called A&D’s home office and learned that in the US and Canada there are currently around 700 reps! SEVEN HUNDRED! That’s nothing! LLR currently has 70k+ and thousands more waiting in the queue.  I was looking for a “ground floor” opportunity, 700 reps vs over 40k, A&D wins! Basically that means that I get to help bring this company to market!



    • Currently A&D is NOT an MLM! I know many people are put off my MLM’s.  Personally I am not put off by them and those that choose to be network marketing professionals, not spammers, can do very well if they run their businesses with integrity! A&D is strictly direct sales right now. If you come to me interested in the business and I refer you, I only receive a credit towards my next inventory purchase BUT I will still help you with anything you need as you embark on your A&D adventure.  We have been told a compensation plan is in the works, so it’s possible in the next few months A&D could become and MLM.



    • Personally I have found the fabric to be superior to so many other brands, many pieces are modal fabric which is super soft, less likely to shrink and pilling is less likely and the stitching is super reinforced.  I was super pleased with the cuts of every piece I’ve tried on, they’ve all been super flattering. Oh and don’t let me forget, everything but the leggings are made in the USA and A&D is looking to create them in the USA as well!



    • On average prices are anywhere from $3-12 less expensive depending on what you’re purchasing.  For example, an A&D maxi skirt is $28, LLR is $42.



    • No mystery boxes with A&D.  With A&D I’m able to place orders for the exact print, color, pattern, size items I want so I can best serve my customers.  With LLR I could pick what styles (ex: Azure or Maxi skirt) but not the pattern or colors!  I like to know what I’m getting and I like to be able to stock what my customers want! Also with A&D each month I don’t have to have huge orders to stay an active consultant, granted I will be ordering because this is my business BUT should I have a month I need to back off, I only have to place a $100 order, vs a 33 piece order with LLR.



    • With A&D I’m able to decide how my customers pay.  Paypal and Square are popular options that many people use vs a system implemented by the company. With LLR I would have to use “Audrey” which is their system and from my time in the queue it seemed like there were always issues with this system and it left many consultants frustrated with frustrated customers.



    • Personally I feel that the patterns, styles and prints are more adult.  They are still fun for sure, but they are pieces that you can integrate with the wardrobe you already have and if you’re a business professional you won’t have any trouble wearing these clothes to the office, or to church for that matter. You’ll see more florals, tribals, geometrics and paisley patterns along with stripes and solids. I couldn’t pull of wearing cake, pizza or cassette tape leggings, but plenty of people can!  The other awesome thing is the sizing! Leggings have actual sizes and I have found with the other pieces, they are true to size with other clothing that I wear, so there isn’t much need to size up and down.



    • Created by Buffy Bandley, the name of the company, “Agnes & Dora” is taken from a book that Buffy’s grandmother wrote in the 1960’s to empower women. The book titled “The Secret Power of Femininity” by Maurine Startup, teaches how to recognize the two sides of a woman; the fun loving, playful side (DORA) VS. the best friend, confidant side (AGNES). The goal is to bring out both sides of these traits within ourselves and apply them to achieve a balanced, happy, and fulfilling life with lasting relationships. Agnes & Dora represents the yin & yang of a woman for complete balance. This business is all about ways to build and empower women to find balance and confidence in how they look, feel, work, and how they play!  
      PS: Every dress is named after influential, empowered women!  Heck yeah!



    • A&D is not in my area!!!  The closest A&D rep is 1.5 hours from where I live and currently there are less than 10 reps in my whole state!  I saw this as an opportunity to introduce a new, beautiful line to ladies in my community!

Honestly, at first the thought of switching made me nervous ONLY because I thought, “what if people don’t get it? What if they’re so committed to LLR that they don’t even want to check out what I’m doing?” But then I realized that me, as a consumer, would be TOTALLY open to awesome quality, amazing prints, patterns and styles for a lower price, and if I fell in love with A&D and their culture, my friends would be too!  I’ll still be doing LIVE online sales via FB live within my VIP group and on Periscope, as well as album sales online, online pop ups for people, in person pop ups and most likely I’ll have open shopping hours in my house! My inventory will be here around the same time my LLR inventory would have been here so I’m not even losing any time in being able to share awesome clothes with you all!

So come join the party over on FB:

If you’d like more info on A&D feel free to email me at and I’d be happy to chat with you!



5 Tips for Beating the Pregnancy Comparison Trap

Before I was pregnant I will admit, I was one of those girls who compared her body to people I saw on Instagram or Facebook.  I think most women have compared themselves to someone else at some point in their lives. Especially in our society it seems like we’re taught we’re supposed to look a certain way so finding yourself in the comparison trap is super easy.  Magazines, TV and the internet show a certain “figure” that is unattainable…even for those portraying it…photoshop had done damage to our brains!

But moving on!

What I wasn’t prepared for was the comparison game that was ahead of me in pregnancy.  I swear that it’s worse than the non pregnancy comparison…at least for me and I know if I’m feeling it, that there are other women out there wearing the same feelings.


The more my body changed, the more I found myself comparing. Here are some of the things that I’ve found myself saying or floating through my brain…

 “Should I look like this at 12 weeks, 16 weeks, 21 weeks?, Am I getting too big too fast? OMG she doesn’t have cellulite on her butt and legs and she’s farther along than me! What’s wrong with me!? Crap, I hope I don’t get stretch marks like so and so’s picture I saw on IG! Where’s the belly butter? How does she still look that HOT at 28 weeks pregnant? HOLY HELL she’s still so small?? Wait, she still has muscle definition like that…what’s wrong with me that I lost almost all of mine? UGH. Good grief look how cute she is pregnant in her adorable maternity clothes and I can’t find one thing to fit me that doesn’t make me look like a giant COW! She said she only gained 20lbs her whole pregnancy, great! I’m doomed then sitting pretty at 25lbs in 25 weeks!  How is she so happy being pregnant…I’m over here still puking at 25 weeks and she makes this whole experience look glamorous.  OMG she just had a baby FIVE WEEKS AGO?!? How does she have a flat stomach with abs already? Ok, I’m just done…”


I found myself spiraling down this dark hole of social media pregnancy posts AKA the highlight reel where NO ONE shares the crap of life.  Well I’m sharing the crap because I believe in keeping it as real as possible.  I’ll tell you, it got dark in that hole.  The comparison game is the quickest way to unhappiness, to depression, to anger, to frustration and it’s just not a good place to go.  I realized pretty quickly that I needed to change somethings starting with these:


Instead, I choose to follow people and accounts that had encouraging, real, uplifting messages and didn’t just only share the highlight reel of life. This way my feed was full of things that helped me, not hurt me. I encourage you to do the same thing.


This was a hard one for me!  For a few years this is how I have built my business BUT when social media becomes unhealthy or an addictive behavior (anyone else roll over and scroll first thing after the alarm goes off? Yeah me too) it’s time to change that behavior.  I started setting times of day I was allowed on social. Less social = less stress. It also meant that I was paying more attention to MY life, MY family and MY world. I was getting more in touch with my feelings and processing them. It meant I was spending more time getting ready for the big life change that’s coming in December.


With pregnancy as much as we and the doctor’s want there to be a one size fits all approach with everything from weight gained in pregnancy, to how to deliver babies, pregnancy is NOT one size fits all.

I was super healthy coming into pregnancy, very active, great nutrition habits and I still have had a crappy experience despite my best efforts.  I always assumed I’d stay almost as active throughout pregnancy and that was nearly impossible and you’ll see why in a second.  I always assumed I’d only gain 25lbs because of my nutrition and exercise and you’ll see why in a second that isn’t the case.  I always assumed I’d be glowing with only a few days of looking terrible and feeling bad.  Yeah…not my experience at all.  

Morning sickness (who are we kidding it’s all day) that I’m still having at week 25, weight gain even though I’m eating less thanks to throwing up, insomnia (hello baggy eyes and goodbye glow), low BP issues and headaches that last for 24 hours which mean my workouts have been limited, blood sugar irregularities with my type 1 that are driving me insane, not feeling like myself at all (can someone please send Dorothy back?  I miss her!) and a SUPER low baby causing back pain are just a few of the things that have plagued me.

Not to scare those of you that haven’t ever been pregnant, but again, I’m coming at you with my experience and keeping it real.  You could be glowing, super active and breeze through this thing…or maybe not. Just be prepared for all outcomes. And now many of you will know why I say “NEVER AGAIN!”

       4) ACCEPTANCE

This is still something I’m working on and I have a feeling I will continue to work on it until the day I have baby B.  Trying to be ok with the fact that what I’m going through is nothing like what I envisioned for myself.  Realizing that this journey is as much for me to learn from, as it is for someone else reading, this who might be feeling the same way, and me sharing means they don’t feel alone with their feelings. Because at this point if you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know I believe that nothing happens to us, but for us and to share it to help others.

I’m also trying to remember daily that even through all off the hard stuff that I can still find things to be joyful for.  Here’s a glimpse into how I’m keeping this real…this morning I jumped up mid bible study and ran to the bathroom to puke saying “you can make it, you can make it…” with the dog sprinting after me (you’re welcome now that you have that visual), hunched over the toilet bowl (we’ve become good friends) wiping puke off of it I thought, “OK, yeah this sucks…alot, but what are three things I can actually appreciate today because I can’t stay in the space of feeling sorry for myself?!”  I know it sounds corny but I actually did this to switch my mind from the suckfest that just happened to what I could be joyful for.  My three were:

1) that baby boy is healthy

2) that I feel God speaking to me through my bible study

3) that I was up early this morning to enjoy my favorite time of day  

So if you’re finding yourself in a suckfest, instead of continuing into that downward spiral, find something you can celebrate right then. It doesn’t matter how big or how small!  There is always something you can show gratitude for!

         5) LOVE & GRACE

Closing this thing out, what I’ve really found is a need for love. This is the HARDEST thing most of us women will ever do.  And through all the changes, the hormones and the craziness, we really need to work on love and giving ourselves some grace. Let’s cut ourselves some slack! We’re doing the best that we can do and that’s all that matters.  It’s YOUR very unique and individual journey, no one elses! The body is doing an amazing thing.  Who cares if it doesn’t look like our best friends when she was pregnant, or that model on “fit pregnancy” magazine.  It’s uniquely ours and it’s creating a miracle.  Love it for that, love it through that and it will love you back.

So here’s to you mama, reading this blog! You are strong, awesome and amazing.  I hope you’ll take some tips away from this and I’d love to hear your feedback!



Lularoe Queue Club – Week Two

Hi Ladies!  Wow, two weeks have flown by since I’ve submitted my paperwork to Lularoe.  I’ve been a busy bee getting ready for my business to officially launch.  If you missed what I did in week one, check it out here:

One of my goals with documenting and sharing this is for my team (and future team) so that they can see the steps taken leading up to onboarding and receiving inventory.  Seeing everything you need to do all at once can be overwhelming, so breaking it down week by week helps to keep that overwhelm away!14355838_10103229689942339_1437519554_n

So what did I do in week 2:

  • Banking-ordered some deposit tickets, activated card so I could finally start thinking about ordering supplies!
  • I made a public announcement that I was waiting to onboard with Lularoe and that this is my new business venture.  Sharing with your friends, family and social media is SUPER important!  There are so many people that already love LLR that will be excited for you and want to support you, so SHARE what you’re up to!
  • Made my Lularoe Facebook business page public!  Woo hoo!  In the first 4 days it was up and running I had around 190 people like the new page and show their support, which was amazing!  Now while you’re waiting to make your BIG announcement, you can create your biz page and just not publicly publish it yet. But in the waiting period make sure that you’ve got great images on there that are customized to your biz, your contact info, and stock pile a little content so your page is fresh all the time.
  • After making my announcement and sharing my new business FB page, I shared my VIP group so people could request to join, you can find that here: This is the group where you will host online sales, share upcoming inventory with your clients, make relationships with your clients, be engaged, be informative, be encouraging, share tips, etc!  This group is super important!  Always aim to provide value to your clients! My goal is to make my VIP group a community of confident women empowering each other!
  • I wrote and shared my blog post on about WHY LULAROE! Make sure that when you become a consultant you share what influenced your decision to join! People want to know you! What drives you!  Be real, that’s how we connect with each other.
  • ETSY claimed too much of my time! Yikes!  I wanted to find some cute business cards!  On Etsy you can order business card templates that are personalized to you and then download the file and have them printed at Staples or VistaPrint! That option will save you a few bucks!  My template is super cute and was only $8!! My cards will be ordered as soon as my cute template is customized by the graphic artist! YAY! Oh and one tip on this, get cards that are multipurpose, for example, my cards not only have my info but a sizing area for clients to write their sizes next to each style LLR offers, as well as my exchange policy, how to care for your LLR and info about hosting a pop up or becoming a consultant as well as a BUY 10 get 1 Free!  Woo hoo! Who doesn’t love something for free!?
  • Content and Posting Schedule.  OK, if you haven’t worked in social media land before this one might be new to you BUT the best way to work in social media land is to have a content calendar!  Basically you look at the whole upcoming month and decide what you’re sharing, posting, creating, every day for your clients, audience, team, etc. You can create themed days or have a theme to your week. Whatever works for you!  I block off a good chunk of time to do this BUT the beauty is that each day I don’t have to scramble about what I’m sharing and posting!  The work was already done and I just have to hit POST!  I create content for both my biz page and VIP group.  Again it’s about providing value to your market! Stay positive as possible, helpful, encouraging, etc.
  • Booking/potential bookings!  I started reaching out to people that were interested in hosting online or in person pop ups. Since I don’t know the exact date I’ll receive my inventory letting them know that it would most likely be later Oct. was important and just making sure to keep track to who is interested so once the onboarding call comes, I can set those dates on my calendar.  So even though you might be waiting for your beautiful LLR to come in, talk to friends and family about helping you get started!  I mean, afterall, they get FREE clothes!  SCORE!
  • Lastly, I wrote this blog post on a freaking gorgeous afternoon on my front porch on the first day that felt like fall!  That’s the beauty of being a small business owner and entrepreneur! I work from where I want to work, in my comfy leggings, listening to “today’s Christian Hits” on Pandora, drinking my first pumpkin spice breve coffee of the season.  Yes, being an entrepreneur is work but it’s rewarding and fun and freeing.  If you’ve been thinking about taking the leap into entrepreneurship, DO IT! And if you’ve thought about doing it with Lularoe, what are you waiting for? Let’s talk so you can have the details!  I’d LOVE to work with you and help you create a strong business. Email me, if you’re local I’ll treat you to a coffee date and if you’re not we can skype and drink coffee at the same time 😉

That’s a wrap on week 2! Thanks for being part of this journey with me! Hope you’re enjoying learning what it’s like to be in the queue!