View More: http://brittneyeischens.pass.us/misfitrepublicHey there!  I’m Dorothy. I wear quite a few hats as you’re about to find out.  I’m a personal trainer & certified health coach, associate diabetes educator, non toxic and green beauty advocate and business mentor for other women that want to create their own small business in the non toxic space.

Type 1 diabetes helped form who I am and defined one of my career paths over the past 24 years of living with this invisible disease.  It hasn’t always been easy and I struggled along the way, but all the struggles lead me to where I am – THRIVING with a chronic illness.

I feel it is my divine purpose to help as many women as God places in my path to become the best versions of themselves, spiritually, emotionally, and physically!  I want you to be confident, energetic and healthy in your own skin and with the ability stand tall in your purpose.

Outside of my work passions, I am a wife to an amazing hubby, a mom to an adventurous toddler, and a fur mom to an overly spoiled dog that looks like Toto. In my spare time you can find me cooking (life is better with grassfed butter), taking long walks with my hubby and toddler, reading/listening to personal development, sipping on a decaf Americano while grocery shopping or having random dance parties in my living room.

I truly believe in living in the moment, having fun, loving on family, traveling as much as possible, smelling all the flowers, making strangers smile, singing loudly with the windows down, life is lived best in activewear and soaking in as much vitamin D as possible.

Thanks for taking time to get to know me! I can’t wait to get to know you too!



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Megan Rae Murphy says:

    Wow! I was coming back to to your site to get more info on A&D, and then noticed your Deacon CGM – fellow Type 1. I would love more info – I’m currently with LLR, but having mixed feelings. Would love to chat x0


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