The Girl in the Mirror

“What a fatty! Look at this! What happened? Ugh, my stomach is sooooo gross and squishy…and don’t get me started on these thighs…and wait, what is this when I sit down or bend over? THESE ROLLS! Sigh. How did I get all this disgusting cellulite on my legs? Ugly. UGLY.  U-G-L-Y!”


Hey sister, can we chat? Like for real, for real? 

Have you had any conversation like that in the mirror, ever in your life?  I think at some point we’ve all said some pretty degrading, Mean Girl level shit to ourselves.

  • Would you ever say that to your best friend about her body?
  • Would you ever say that to your child about their body?
  • Your partner?
  • Your niece/nephew?

So why do we treat ourselves with such negative hostility?

Because our society is programming us that way, to believe we are unworthy, unlovable and ugly unless we fit into a certain diet culture box.

What usually happens after this giant self loathing session, or numerous ones? We vow to go on a diet. We beat the crud out of ourselves in the name of being “skinny,” and the whole time we do it, our actions, our thoughts, everything going into that transformation process is coming from a low vibe, negative energy place that’s not of love or appreciation for everything our bodies have accomplished up until this point. And God help us if we think we mess up on this process, miss a day at the gym or have an off day with nutrition, just throw in the towel and beat ourselves up even more, quit and end up worse off than before.

(Have you ever been there?)

What if we flip the script, sister?

What if when we looked in the mirror, EVEN IF we jiggle and wiggle and dimple all over, we say, “thank you.”  Thank you body for carrying me every day of my life. Thank you for doing this thousands of processes daily that keep me alive that I don’t have to think about.  Thank you for this heart that’s beating, these lungs that are breathing, for every organ and cell that’s keeping me alive. 

What if we decided that because we have such appreciation and respect for our bodies that we make change from that place of appreciation and respect and yes, I’m going to say it, LOVE.  Our bodies don’t have to look ‘perfect’ in the eyes of the world to be ‘perfect’ for the life we desire to live.

What our bodies do need is love, good nutrition, movement and rest.

What if we decided to move it because we love it, respect it and appreciate it?

What if we decided to fuel it well, because we love it, respect it and appreciate it?

What if we decided to rest it when it’s tired, because we love it, respect it and appreciate it?

What if we made these decisions for our body to get healthy based on wanting to live a long life versus next season’s swimsuit? What a difference that would make.

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