Leaving Agnes & Dora

As one chapters closes, another opens.

After 18 months with Agnes & Dora, I resigned in April of 2018.  I know so many of you found my blog while researching the path you wanted to take and trying to decide which company to join with.  That’s why this post is so important to me and it’s taken me quite some time to write it.

Agnes & Dora gave me so many things.  Yes, I was successful but sometimes success comes at a cost.  I didn’t realize how high the cost was until recently after I surrendered it.

You see, in the 18 months, there were high amazing sales, lots of processing and shipping orders,  live sales, album sales, website shopping sales, late nights and early mornings.  What most people didn’t see was the mounting stress manifesting in physical symptoms. No one could see the invisible weight I began to carry as so many things changed within the company. The time my business was taking was increasing as it grew and I was being buried in it. The joy was sucked right out.

It’s been NINE days since I launched my new venture and I want to scream from the roof tops, “THERE’S A BETTER WAY LADIES,” to all my friends still in other fashion direct sales companies. Long gone are the days of needing to fill a room in your house with inventory that may or may not sell.  Long gone are the days of putting thousands of dollars on the line to start a fashion business.  Long gone are the days of having to spend hours upon hours packing and shipping orders. There’s a way to run a fashion business and have a life and I’m doing it!  I feel like I took off a 100lb weight that I’d been wearing around my neck and I know if I felt that way, there are other women in these DS companies feeling the exact same way so it’s now part of my mission to let them know, IT’S OK TO MOVE ON! It’s OK to let go of where you are and embrace something new! Get your life back! You deserve it.

If you want to see what’s happening, come join my community



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