Lularoe Queue Club – Week Two

Hi Ladies!  Wow, two weeks have flown by since I’ve submitted my paperwork to Lularoe.  I’ve been a busy bee getting ready for my business to officially launch.  If you missed what I did in week one, check it out here:

One of my goals with documenting and sharing this is for my team (and future team) so that they can see the steps taken leading up to onboarding and receiving inventory.  Seeing everything you need to do all at once can be overwhelming, so breaking it down week by week helps to keep that overwhelm away!14355838_10103229689942339_1437519554_n

So what did I do in week 2:

  • Banking-ordered some deposit tickets, activated card so I could finally start thinking about ordering supplies!
  • I made a public announcement that I was waiting to onboard with Lularoe and that this is my new business venture.  Sharing with your friends, family and social media is SUPER important!  There are so many people that already love LLR that will be excited for you and want to support you, so SHARE what you’re up to!
  • Made my Lularoe Facebook business page public!  Woo hoo!  In the first 4 days it was up and running I had around 190 people like the new page and show their support, which was amazing!  Now while you’re waiting to make your BIG announcement, you can create your biz page and just not publicly publish it yet. But in the waiting period make sure that you’ve got great images on there that are customized to your biz, your contact info, and stock pile a little content so your page is fresh all the time.
  • After making my announcement and sharing my new business FB page, I shared my VIP group so people could request to join, you can find that here: This is the group where you will host online sales, share upcoming inventory with your clients, make relationships with your clients, be engaged, be informative, be encouraging, share tips, etc!  This group is super important!  Always aim to provide value to your clients! My goal is to make my VIP group a community of confident women empowering each other!
  • I wrote and shared my blog post on about WHY LULAROE! Make sure that when you become a consultant you share what influenced your decision to join! People want to know you! What drives you!  Be real, that’s how we connect with each other.
  • ETSY claimed too much of my time! Yikes!  I wanted to find some cute business cards!  On Etsy you can order business card templates that are personalized to you and then download the file and have them printed at Staples or VistaPrint! That option will save you a few bucks!  My template is super cute and was only $8!! My cards will be ordered as soon as my cute template is customized by the graphic artist! YAY! Oh and one tip on this, get cards that are multipurpose, for example, my cards not only have my info but a sizing area for clients to write their sizes next to each style LLR offers, as well as my exchange policy, how to care for your LLR and info about hosting a pop up or becoming a consultant as well as a BUY 10 get 1 Free!  Woo hoo! Who doesn’t love something for free!?
  • Content and Posting Schedule.  OK, if you haven’t worked in social media land before this one might be new to you BUT the best way to work in social media land is to have a content calendar!  Basically you look at the whole upcoming month and decide what you’re sharing, posting, creating, every day for your clients, audience, team, etc. You can create themed days or have a theme to your week. Whatever works for you!  I block off a good chunk of time to do this BUT the beauty is that each day I don’t have to scramble about what I’m sharing and posting!  The work was already done and I just have to hit POST!  I create content for both my biz page and VIP group.  Again it’s about providing value to your market! Stay positive as possible, helpful, encouraging, etc.
  • Booking/potential bookings!  I started reaching out to people that were interested in hosting online or in person pop ups. Since I don’t know the exact date I’ll receive my inventory letting them know that it would most likely be later Oct. was important and just making sure to keep track to who is interested so once the onboarding call comes, I can set those dates on my calendar.  So even though you might be waiting for your beautiful LLR to come in, talk to friends and family about helping you get started!  I mean, afterall, they get FREE clothes!  SCORE!
  • Lastly, I wrote this blog post on a freaking gorgeous afternoon on my front porch on the first day that felt like fall!  That’s the beauty of being a small business owner and entrepreneur! I work from where I want to work, in my comfy leggings, listening to “today’s Christian Hits” on Pandora, drinking my first pumpkin spice breve coffee of the season.  Yes, being an entrepreneur is work but it’s rewarding and fun and freeing.  If you’ve been thinking about taking the leap into entrepreneurship, DO IT! And if you’ve thought about doing it with Lularoe, what are you waiting for? Let’s talk so you can have the details!  I’d LOVE to work with you and help you create a strong business. Email me, if you’re local I’ll treat you to a coffee date and if you’re not we can skype and drink coffee at the same time 😉

That’s a wrap on week 2! Thanks for being part of this journey with me! Hope you’re enjoying learning what it’s like to be in the queue!



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