Lularoe Queue Club – Week 1 Update

Time flies when you’re having fun!  In case you’re wondering what the “queue” is, it’s basically the waiting list for those of us that have submitted our paperwork to the LuLaRoe home office and we are patiently dreaming of the day our phone will ring to onboard as an official consultant where we can order our inventory!

Right now, I believe there is a 6-8 week waiting period and most people see that and think, “what the heck am I going to do waiting for all that time?”  Oh ladies, let me tell you, there are plenty of things to attend to when it comes to setting up your own small business and I’ve decided to document all the things I do leading up to my onboarding phone call, so that when you decide to join my team, you’ll have all the steps to take 🙂


Think of the time this way, if you wanted to open a brick and mortar clothing store, you wouldn’t be able to have the idea today and open tomorrow right? You’d need time to find your space, open a bank account, get financing, order supplies, market, etc.  That’s exactly how you have to treat this time “in queue.”


Week one looked like this for me:

  • Submitted all paperwork to the home office and printed out my consultant guide.
  • I created a new email account specifically for my LLR business.  You should create a gmail account. It’s totally free and provides you awesome benefits like Google Drive which will be your bestie for organization online!  My new email is so if you have questions, reach me there.
  • I create new social media accounts!  If you’re not on FB or IG already, now is the time to get that done! Social media is a huge way that people are doing business now and a great way to get outside of your warm market. Most people take to social media to find out information about businesses and products, so don’t miss the boat on this one.  My new FB is Lularoe Dorothy Booth  and IG is Lularoe Dorothy Booth as well.  As you will see, keeping your name the SAME across your platforms is SUPER important for your brand identity and for people to find you with ease.
  • I created my VIP shopping group on FB.  This is an awesome thing to do where you can hold weekly online sales and share your new inventory with your customers, answer their questions and even go live within your FB page and really create relationships and get to know your clients.  You can find my group here:
  • You don’t have to do this one but I already had a blog established BUT it was based on fitness, nutrition, etc.  So I changed the domain name and removed some of my fitness based offerings that I’m no longer offering for the remainder of the year. is where I’ll be sharing all about my LLR journey. Having a blog is another great way for people to gain information and get to know you!  Provide value always on your blog!
  • OK, let’s talk FINANCING!  That’s something that many people freak about when they see the price to start their LLR business, but you have to see it as an investment in your future, not a price tag.  If you’re serious about your business and treat it as one, you will make your investment back quickly.  Right now you can plan to spend around $6,000 and that’s your inventory and then purchasing supplies you’ll need for your inventory, pop-ups, etc.  So there are a number of ways that people choose to finance this and perhaps I’ll do another post on that, but here I’ll share with you what I did.  To cover my initial investment of $5300 for my inventory, I will be using a 0%apr for 12 months, credit card as well as pulling some from savings.  So this week I applied and was approved for the card. MANY new consultants get started this way, and as long as you have good credit you shouldn’t have a problem finding financing this way. (like I said I’ll blog more about this later).
  • Set up a new bank account!  You don’t want to co-mingle funds. That becomes a mess and the IRS sure doesn’t like that IF you’re ever audited.  To open my account I used the savings money and money from my previous business that I rolled over.
  • Made a list of the 50 people I wanted to share my new venture with.  If you pay attention to your newsfeed on social media, you’ll see SO many people who already love LLR!  Reach out to them!  They might LOVE to host a pop up or online sale to get free clothing!
  • Start watching training videos and reading over any documents that your team provides for getting started.  
  • Decided on how I wanted to announce my new venture via social media and created content around that topic.


Now your week one could look different from mine, but I just wanted to share what I’ve done to get ready so far!  I’d love to know if you’re a current consultant what you did in week 1!  Comment below!  Or if you have any questions about LLR, onboarding or joining my team, feel free to comment or email me at

Hope this was helpful!



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