Why LuLaRoe?

I’ve never been 100% comfortable with my body. Growing up I was super athletic and was the girl that had to get the jeans a size bigger just to fit her legs while the waist gaped. It was super attractive.  I started having body image issues when I was in 7th grade and they just intensified through HS and college, manifesting itself as disordered eating in the form of binging and obsessive exercise.

Let’s fast forward into my 20s. I dove into the health and fitness industry to keep myself in “check” with my weight. Always striving for a body that I thought I should have.  Because I was never truly happy with what I saw looking back at me, the idea of having a baby and listening to so many women saying how they never “bounced back” afterwards terrified me.  I had never gotten to where I wanted to be before a baby so how would I feel good in my own skin afterwards?

Then it happened.  I found myself 20 weeks pregnant, struggling with what I saw in the mirror. Nothing fit right, not even maternity clothes.  Getting dressed in the morning turned into an Olympic event of stretching and pulling and grunting and crying.  So I reached out on FB asking if anyone used Lularoe as maternity wear?  I’d never even tried any of their clothing on, but I knew that the leggings were supposedly to die for.  A friend responded that they were having a pop up and I should come.

That afternoon, I found myself in 2 rooms full of bright colored, patterned clothing. I took 2 pairs of leggings and an Irma (tunic) into a bedroom to change and as soon as I pulled those buttery leggings onto my body I knew that the clouds had parted and my days of frustration in my closet were over.  As I stood in front of a full length mirror, I felt pretty, despite my growing belly.  Everything fit so well. No rolls, no pinching, no uncomfortable anything. I felt cute and comfortable and happy!  I felt confident in this ever changing, expanding body growing our baby boy, whereas 30 minutes prior to showing up the the pop up I was body shaming myself for the way the maternity shorts were (or weren’t) fitting me and how self conscious I was.


My self consciousness dropped right there at that pop up.  I felt confident in what I was wearing and I felt good and I knew that I wanted to help other women feel that same way no matter what shape or size they were because we all deserve to feel good in our own skin! 

I’m sharing with you that a huge part of my mission is to empower and inspire women and increase body acceptance so it should be no surprise to you all that I decided to become a LuLaRoe consultant and am currently waiting to onboard and receive my inventory!  I’m super excited not only to have clothing that makes me feel beautiful and confident but to help other women feel that exact same way!

I love what LuLaRoe stands for and it was 100% something I could promote. I can still focus on my health, my family, serving others, helping other women of all shapes and sizes feel amazing in their bodies, help them build businesses and generate income for our families and be able to give generously to our communities!

So I’m curious, have you heard of LuLaRoe, are you addicted to their awesome clothing or thought of being a consultant yourself?

Feel free to follow my journey on FB at fb.com/lularoedorothybooth and join our fun group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/826608464142294/

Chat soon!



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