Positive Money Mindset & The Key to Wealth You’re Missing

Money, money, money, money…money!

Ok, I’ll stop being funny…no I won’t that was a lie.

But for real today we’re going to talk about a subject that most people are uncomfortable talking about…MONEY and FINANCES. HOWEVER before anyone gets all weird on me I want to tell you one thing, MONEY IS A NEUTRAL RESOURCE. It’s not good or bad.  Money isn’t a problem but it’s our attitude towards it.


I want you to know where I’m coming from, I do have a business degree and I did work in the banking industry for 4 years prior to joining the health industry SO I do have a good understanding of what I’m about to talk about. And because of that background my eyes have been opened to so many financial opportunities that others miss, that I really feel I have to talk about this!


I want you to know that Money isn’t my obsession but what I am obsessed with is freedom and the dreams that can be built not only for me and my family but you and yours when you do have financial freedom. Everyone deserves a future they can look forward to, not one they dread and because people manage to dig such financial holes, life turns into a drudgery and you can never retire.

I want you to remember that It’s not faith to live hand to mouth and it’s not good stewardship.


OK So lets get rolling!


You know what’s funny but not funny? So many of us would like to make more money and there’s NOTHING wrong with that but we feel like we’re greedy or selfish and we feel bad because we want it.  I’m here to tell you that’s a thought built on a crummy belief system.  Somewhere along the line someone probably said something to you about “rich people being greedy, “ or “money is the root of all evil,” or  something negative around having or making money or my favorite one is that you can’t be religious and have money…give me a break. All of these things you saw or heard by people close to you most likely and it was because they had their own insecurities around money, these people had poverty mindsets, they were consumed with jealousy and envy for what others had…both of these things are unbiblical. And being consumed by those they’ll never have the prosperity mindset.  What we tend to see is happen in the money world is negative thinking around money is passed down generation to generation BUT I’m here to tell you that chain can be broken with you!


Can you relate to having negative thoughts around money? Do you maybe come from a family with negative beliefs around money that I mentioned? I know I can!

The even worse part is that when we have negative thoughts around money, we will never have money!  It’s like repellant.  Negative thoughts don’t bring in positive results. So saying things like “I’m always broke,” “My money is all gone before I get paid,” “I’ll never get ahead financially,” “I’ll never be able to retire,” “I can never afford vacation,” is manifesting being BROKE! You’re literally speaking what you don’t want for yourself into existence because that’s all you’re dwelling on. Remember, perception is your reality and what you focus on grows in your life. There are people in the same financial situation as you that choose to still see the silver lining and the positive and they will be the ones that come out ahead.


So what can we do to change our money situation? I’ve got a number of things for you today, listen up:


Number one, change how your view money. It’s not evil. If you’re a crappy person before you have money, you’ll be a crappy person with money but you all watching are great people with big caring hearts so you’ll be wonderful people with money! Get me?  And if you’re a great person you will most likely not be selfish or greedy and you’ll be using that money as a way to bless others as well.  You will broaden your vision beyond yourself and your families and you’ll seek out ways to serve to serve the needs of others and your community.  You will be cheerful givers and be helping to change the world.

Number two, change how you speak about money.  Only talk about money in positive terms…even if you’re struggling financially you need to say things like, “I have all the money I need to pay my bills and then some,” “I am financially secure,” “my work is of high value and I’m compensated well for it,” speak it into existence because what you start to believe you will actually achieve and attract just like you saying I’m broke all the time actually keeps you doing the habits that keep you broke.

Number 3, make a budget people! You need to know where your money goes and you need to be responsible for it! Stop spending on eating out multiple times a week, hitting up convenience stores on your break, upgraded satellite packages with 100 channels you never watch, clothes you don’t need to keep up with the latest season’s trends, getting a new vehicle every 4 years and always having revolving debt on something that depreciates quickly, and keeping up with the Jones’s…hint…the Jones’ are probably trying to keep up with you and you’re both making each other broke!  Stop it! Stop it until you can really afford to live like that! I read a statistic today that the average American household is $15,263 in credit card debt alone. Holy Moses people, we’ve gotta get it together! If God’s blessed you with enough but you’re being financially irresponsible, you can’t keep crying for more!  When God entrusts you with His money and you’re irresponsible, what makes you think he’d entrust you with more?

SO you’re probably like OK Dorothy, thanks for those three tips but they don’t change alot so how do I get out of my situation? How do I create financial freedom? I can’t work more hours, my boss won’t give me a raise, I don’t have the education for a different position, I feel stuck. Well I just gave you three tips, but #4 is my favorite and most people don’t take advantage of it because they think it’s too much work, and they start making excuses (which we talked about yesterday) as to why it won’t work…blah blah blah…Remember this is truthbomb Thursday and I don’t sugar coat things.  If you want change, you create change and if changing your financial future is important to you, you will get over your excuses, otherwise you’ll continue to complain and stay in your rut…plain and simple.

Well grab your paper and grab your pen for tip Number 4 because this is the key to the castle.


What’s that you ask? It’s the ability to make money even when you’re not “working.”  Have you heard the term residual income before? Maybe you have and maybe you didn’t understand what it really meant. It’s truly the key to financial security. Residual income is what can happen after you put time, effort and sometimes money into a job/business to continue to get paid for the work months & years after it’s done. What you need to realize about your 9-5 is that it’s  linear income. Linear income is directly related to the number of hours you work. If you work 40 hours, you get paid for 40 hours of work. Once you go home, you’re not making income. BUT Once you set up your business to earn residual income, you continue to make money while doing other things –vacationing, sleeping, playing with your kiddos, whatever.


I want you to remember this fact, the average millionaire has 7 streams of income and 5 of them are residual.  So how many streams do you have of income? Just through your employer? Don’t feel bad if you do, that’s why we’re here today is to generate some ideas for you!  


  1. Affiliate sales.  Do you love target, amazon, thrive market or practically any other company? Odds are that you could be an affiliate for them and make a % of the sales from people ordering through your link.  If people are always asking you where you shop or where you found xyz, why not get paid for making the referral?
  2. What do you have a good knowledge base in or people ask you about frequently? Write an ebook that you can passively sell on sites like Esty or on your blog!
  3. Are you creative? Use sites like Zazzle and Cafepress to create anything for t-shirts to mugs and stationary for people to purchase.
  4. If that E-book does well, take your knowledge base and create a mini course online for people to buy and go through on their own.

So those were a few smaller ideas, but moving up the latter lets look at few of the big guns that will require an investment but pay out!!

  1. If you’re able invest in real estate and have rental properties.
  2. Create and manufacture your own product and sell it
  3. Franchising! This may be the most pricey option but perhaps going in with your family would help cushion that.
  4. And lastly my favorite and you might be surprised by, Network Marketing. Network marketing is great because the price point is usually pretty low for starting a business and if you find a company where the timing is right to join (not a company that’s already super saturated) and they’re positioned to excel with growth in the next few years and the products you can 100% stand behind and the price point is right for your market you can make substantial residual income.  NWM may get a bad wrap sometimes but it’s been around for decades and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and IF (that’s the key word) if you get out of your own way, choose the right company and team to join, cut the excuses and don’t care what others think that aren’t paying your bills, and you can be teachable and apply your training in the RIGHT way and be a professional (trust me I see plenty doing this the WRONG way), you’ll go far!


So I hope that these tips were helpful to you today!  I know that so many of you watching want to create a future that you can look forward to, I know that you want to create a lasting legacy for your family, you want to be present for your family, you want to call the shots on your life, your time and your earning potential.  I just handed you the key to the castle so now it’s your turn to do the work. If you need more help reach out to me!


I want you to remember something, most people think it’s crazy to work your side biz 2-5 years with consistent hustle to become financially secure, but isn’t it more crazy to work 40 years and stay broke?


I hope this message blessed you today!  I hope you’ll make the changes that you need to make!  If you want more info like this, comment below!  I recently hosted a LIVE webinar about Why I’m changing my BIG vision, why belief in myself has become my number one priority and my clear cut strategy for success and how you can do the same in your life! If you’d like access to it make sure to comment as well and I will send it your way so you have the tools to start your own life transformation. 

See ya next time!



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