Opportunity Knocks

Have you ever had an opportunity presented to you, but it seemed like a risk, a leap of faith or too much hard work so you passed it up and went with what you thought was the sure thing??

We all have!

I want to share a portion of the sermon I listened to this weekend shared a prime example of that!  The pastor’s wife, when she was growing up her dad had money to invest and had 2 choices.  1 was a tobacco warehouse and living in southern VA that seemed like the sure thing.  The 2nd was an up and coming drink company.  He went with the tobacco warehouse because it seemed less risky and not such a huge leap.  You know what happened? The warehouse went under and that drink company, well it was Cocacola!  Can you imagine?!  


If that was you wouldn’t you be kicking yourself?  I know I would and I know I’ve experienced those myself.  Maybe you can look back at a job opportunity or the opportunity to start a business, a relationship, a big move somewhere, anything.


So many times we pray, we beg God to help us change our situation in one area of our life or another.  Praying is where we go right BUT what we do next is where we tend to fail.


God might not answer us in the way we’d expect.  It might be a whisper and we were expecting a marching band.  It might be through a person we just met and we were expecting it through someone we’ve known forever that we consider the wisest person we know. We want God to send a skywriting airplane, or a postcard with exact directions to our next step.


That’s not how he operates.  You pray for something to show up and we have a preconceived notion of how it should look, how it should go, that it should fit some specific mold we’ve made and God breaks the mold.  


When we pray to see opportunities we need to drop all of our requirements.  God’s plan doesn’t fit into a box.  We need to pray for the opportunity but then also to have an open mind, heart and eyes to see it when it comes.


And when it comes in a form you didn’t expect, don’t question, JUST JUMP!  That’s the biggest thing I’ve learned.  All you have to have is the faith of a mustard seed.  Yes it might be scary but I want you to remember that faith and fear both demand you believe in something you cannot see, you choose!  If you go with fear, you’ll never live in that full potential and opportunity God sent you way.  If you jump and allow your faith to be your guide, not saying everything will always be roses, but you’ll you be far happier, have less regrets and be living in your purpose and you will serve the world in such a greater way…your mind will be blown!


Whatever God puts in front of you DO IT!

You cant just dabble, you can’t just put one toe in to test the water. You have to be ALL IN!

If you want more info like this, leave me some comments!  Thursday (7/21) night at 8pm eastern I’ll be hosting a LIVE webinar about why I’m changing my BIG vision, why belief in myself has become my number one priority and my clear cut strategy for success and how you can do the same in your life! It’s by invitation only, so if you want the tools to start your own life transformation. Drop your contact info to ask for access!  Can’t wait to see you there!



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