Happy Mind, Happy Life

Happiness is something that we make difficult when really it’s simple. Happiness is NOT contingent on your bank account, pant size, weight, house, where you live, your job, relationship status, the car you drive or how far you went in your education.

Happiness is 100% free.

Happiness is a choice you make each day when you wake up.

Happiness is a state you can enjoy RIGHT NOW if you change the lens you view your life through.  Happiness lies within, not externally, so let’s remove the happiness blocks.


So if we find ourselves lacking our happy, how do you we get it back?  Here are 10 quick tips:

  1. Practice gratitude and count your blessings. When you wake up take time to be thankful or write out three things you’re grateful for or blessed by each day.
  2. SMILE more! Making a smiling face carries over to our emotions. Plus it makes the world a prettier place.
  3. Daily affirmations. Using “I am” statements based on current needs.  For example, if you’re lacking confidence in your business maybe your statement is, “I am confident and successful in my business.”
  4. Hold back on complaining, gossiping or any negative self talk.  
  5. Take up personal growth. Audio like podcasts or audiobooks or reading personal growth and development books.  Fill your brain with positive info daily!
  6. Take care of your body!  Nutrition and exercise play a huge role in how we feel and impact things like anxiety and depression.  Exercise releases happy endorphins!  So get moving.
  7. Surround yourself with individuals that raise you up, not bring you down.
  8. Be kind to others.  This is the golden rule.  Do nice things for others and it brings you joy!
  9. Meditation and/or prayer, even if it’s just 3 minutes daily.
  10. Look for the silver lining in all situations.  Know all situations happen for you not to you and can teach something and help you grow.


I hope that you can apply some of these tips to your life and ultimately remember that HAPPINESS IS AN INSIDE JOB!

Choose happy today!


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