What’s Defining You?

What are you being defined by?

  • Your body?
  • Your career?
  • Your education level?
  • What your friends, parents, boss, spouse say about you?
  • Past mistakes?

I’ve allowed myself to be defined by all of these things too.  At some point I’m sure something on this list (and things not on the list) we have all felt defined by. But none of these things are what we are!!!

We aren’t our body, but we have a body.

We have a career, but we are not our career.

We may or may not have finished schooling, but we’re not our IQ or diploma.

People in our lives may doubt us, may say negative things but that’s actually not about us at all and it has everything to do with how poorly they see themselves, how insecure they are!

We might make mistakes, but we aren’t mistakes.  Mistakes are nothing more than growth opportunities.

What are we really? We are souls having a human experience honestly. Does that mean that we shouldn’t take care of our bodies? That’s not what I’m saying. Yes, I do believe that taking care of the flesh is important because it houses the soul and for us to be able to actually do what we are called to do, what I refer to as our “SOUL WORK,” the flesh has to be able! But our exterior shouldn’t be the main focus of our lives.  A Course in Miracles says, “Do not fight yourself,” meaning waging war against your body is only glorifying it, and creating an idol.  Beating yourself up based on your body takes love away from the world instead of adding to it.  It decreases your ability to bring good into the world. Stop “punishing” your body, whether through deprivation or indulging.  Treat your body with respect and love, period. It’s a gift.

Does that surprise you coming from a personal trainer and health coach?  Those might be titles that the world gave me to describe what I do, but what I actually do and want people to know is that I’m a lightworker, a mentor, helping others see the power that is within them and helping them embrace what they’re here on this world to do!

What is our purpose here? Is it to pick a career at 22, stick it out no matter what, punch a time clock, pay our bills and die? Yeah, I know it’s not and you know it’s not as well.  I believe our purpose here is to:

  1. LOVE. Love ourselves. Love each other. Heal the world with LOVE.
  2. Be good stewards with everything we have.  That means utilizing our gifts, talents, abilities, that have been given to us for a specific purpose.  USE THEM! The world needs you, that’s why you were created!  You have something to offer!
  3. To help others through this crazy thing called life by teaching what we’ve learned from our own experiences and to help them become all they were created to be and recognize that they are spiritual beings having a human experience.

None of those above 3 things have anything to do with the size of your body, the career you picked, if you finished school or what your diploma says or what other people think about you!  Let’s work on not being defined by those things, the things the world tells us are important and let’s start focusing on what is important, loving ourselves and others and shining our unique and authentic light into the world to help guide others!

What are your unique gifts and talents that you can use to make the world a better place?  How are you using them? Comment below!  I want to know!

Go change the world,





One thought on “What’s Defining You?

  1. noneedforscales says:

    This was such a uplifting read for my morning. I let everyone define me because I’m currently a 25 year old living at home with my parents with no job while I study where as all my friends are buying houses and getting married and have careers! I need to stop and remind myself that I will be there at some stage but at the moment I am bettering myself so that I can live my dreams and goals when I finish studying.


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