GrifGrips Product Review

If you’ve ever worn an insulin pump or a CGM, you know the headache that comes along with trying to keep those things on your body!  It seems like the adhesive NEVER lasts as long as it should and our supplies are EXPENSIVE!  I know I’ve personally paid anywhere from $300 for a box of 4 Dexcom sensors (a typical month supply) to $75 for a box of 4, depending on what my insurance decided at that point in time and what mail order pharmacy I was “allowed” to use.

In an effort to get every last second of use out of my supplies and make that adhesive last as long as possible, I tried EVERYTHING.  First is was medical tape.  That was a horrendous disaster that resulted in the worst skin rash of my life!  I’m pretty sure the tape actually burned my skin. PASS.

Next up was using IV prep wipes which leaves the skin a little sticky and then placing clear plastic adhesive called IV3000 over the site or CGM sensor.  The issue with this one was having to cut holes in the IV3000 to fit just perfecting over the CGM sensor.  I wasted more IV3000 in the process than I actually used. PASS.

I tried bandaids when all else failed and I was out and about.  I’ve seen some people resort to duct tape! Ouch!

Finally, I found RockTape H20.  It was amazing because it was stretchy and water resistant and I used that for at least a solid year if not more.  However, it comes in one big roll, and I was always having to cut strips of it and perfectly position it around my sensor.  After a day or two it would start to peel, sometimes right after it was freshly applied it would get caught on my clothing and I’d have to start over again.  But at this point in my journey, this was the best I had found, so I assumed I’d just have to make due!

It wasn’t until recently that I found GrifGrips! I decided I had nothing to lose and at their LOW price point I ordered two different grips and anxiously awaited their arrival in my mailbox. When the pink and purple CGM cut out grips showed up I was too excited to wait for my hubby to come home to help me apply it BUT to my surprise I was able to apply it by myself, one handed without issue.  The hot pink grip definitely stood out! It was flexible and moving around I didn’t even notice it was there…unlike other products I’ve used.


Typically even with my RockTape, I had to replace it at least 2x during the week of my sensor use. So far with this one GrifGrip, I’ve had no adhesive issues, no sticking to my clothes and it’s still holding SUPER STRONG.  I’m about a week into this one and I’ll make sure to update this blog as time passes to let you guys know just how long it holds on!

This company is truly taking care of the diabetic community!  Not only did they manage to make a product that would help with my CGM sensor issue, but they have created products that run the gamut of every diabetic apparatus out there; omnipods, all 3 CGMs, and every infusion set created by all the different pump companies.  The lightweight, stretchy, breathable material will keep cgm/omnipod/infusion sets, safely in place while also allowing customized colors, patterns and shapes so long gone are the days of being  locked into the boring white or nude colors or medical tape/bandaids.

If you’re tired of losing your expensive sensors, pods and infusion sets check out GrifGrips AND because you’re my loyal reader, I’ve got something special for you! GrifGrips is offering 25% off to those of you that order and use the code ‘THRIVE’ at checkout!  So what are you waiting for? Head over there now and pick out your favorite color and shape and get fancy with your T1D and then let me know which ones you decide to get!!!

Hope this was super helpful!




**I was not compensated for this review and paid for the product I reviewed on my own.**

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