Three Questions to Ask Yourself

At 24 I found myself being treated for clinical depression.

I really disliked my job.  I knew there was more for me in the world. In fact I knew there was more for most people in the world than just to accept we were here to be born, clock in to work, clock out, collect pay and 10 vacation days a year, pay bills and die.

I felt so conflicted.  I’d cry out to God asking Him what the heck was He desiring me to do with my life? With this time? I know life is fleeting. As soon as we graduate high school it seems like time speeds up 10x’s.  We blink and a decade has passed.  I didn’t want to waste any more trips around the sun trying to find my place or purpose.  I just wanted Him to send me a post card in the mail that read,

“Dorothy, I want you to spend your life doing _____. Love God.”

I would’ve felt hooked up and on my way I would’ve gone.  But what would I have truly gained from that? Not life experiences.  Not strength to persevere.

Because I never got that post card in the mail, I picked up my first personal development book and have continued this path of personal growth for 5 years.  I believe my struggles (well, all of our struggles to be exact) happen not to us, but for us, so that we can use them to serve the world.

So maybe you’re stuck in a dead end job where you look at your boss and you think, “man, I don’t want to be them! If that’s where I’m trying to climb to, someone show me the fire escape!” Maybe you’re dreading every Monday and Sunday night you have anxiety, you have no passion for what you’re doing, you’re living for 5pm (that was so me!) and you realize that you’re watching the clock which basically means you’re counting time OFF OF YOUR LIFE, it’s time for you to ask yourself 3 questions and make a change ASAP because when you’re dying, you’re going to want to know you answered these.

Question 1: Did I truly LIVE?

You might be thinking, “Dorothy, that’s an easy one! Hello? Yes, I’m breathing!”  That’s not what I mean.  I mean, did you truly do what you wanted to do with your life? Not what your parents wanted you to do. Not what your spouse wanted or your kids or your boss or whoever is a big part of your life.  I mean did YOU actually make the calls in your life that resulted in you living the life of your dreams? Or did you settle for something someone else wanted because it was easier, you didn’t want to rock the boat or you were to lazy to figure it out?  Did you take the risks? Did you take the vacations? Or did you play life small?

Question 2:  Did I LOVE?

Did you actually connect with people here on this planet or were you to stuck to your smartphone to actually have a conversation with your wife at the dinner table or with your kids in the car?  Who will miss you? Who will you miss?  Who should you be giving more attention to now? Who have you been taking for granted or neglecting?  Did you really have solid relationships and friendships or just business associates?

Question 3: Did I matter?

Oh boy. Now we’re getting touchy.  We’re talking about PURPOSE. You know, the thing we’re all searching for. To truly know that our time here on this planet made an impact, a difference. That someone will remember us because we’re leaving a legacy.

(questions adapted from Brendon Bruchard –>look him up peeps, you won’t be disappointed!)

Answer these now before you’re dying!  Identify if you’re truly living in alignment with what you really want out of life and with whom you want to spend your life with.  Why aren’t we living life fully now, every day?

You deserve to be happy with the answers you have to these questions. And to become happy with these answers you might have to get down and dirty with yourself,  answer some hard questions, dig deep, discover what you truly want, you might realize it’s time to leave that crap job and do what you truly love and set up steps to get there (like seriously make a freaking timeline of your exit strategy and force yourself into your dream!).

We don’t get redo’s.  We only get one chance, so STOP waiting for “life to start” and start making the life you want, today!  So, how did you answer the big 3? What do you have to work on to truly live the life you deserve and desire? What steps are you going to take today? Are you ready to step out? I really wanna know, so I hope you take the time to answer 🙂



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