20 Years with Type 1 Diabetes

Celebrating LIFE!
A little over 20 years ago I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 8 years old. I thought I was dying by the reaction that the doctor and my mother had that day in the exam room. I spent a week in the hospital where my world became carb counting and learning how to inject insulin. I went from kid to adult in a split second. My life turned into full time diabetes care, dictated by numbers on a small screen, 8-10 finger pricks a day and 6-8 shots a day.

Lots has happened in those 20 years.

I’ve had plenty of hard times; had scares with kidney issues (luckily all is good here), been tested for an array of other diseases from Lupus to Celiac (talk about anxiety waiting for those results, PTL all negative), struggled as a teen with an eating disorder, struggled in my early 20s with depression & anxiety. Saw my a1c climb to 7.4%, which isn’t great and was setting me up for long term damage. And luck of the draw, I have autoimmune responses to numerous food groups.
But good things came too.
I appreciated this life far more than most I believe because I understood from a young age, it’s fragility. It strengthened my faith. I was more conscious of what went into my body. I’ve married a great guy who actually wanted to learn about my disease and help me take care of it. I geeked out on nutrition, fitness and non-mainstream medical info. I became the bionic woman with my diabetic gadgets. I found Paleo. I found Dr. Bernstein. I found control. I found my path. It led me to my career as a personal trainer,¬†associate diabetes educator and paleo lifestyle expert.
We never know the reasons why we were dealt the hand we were given. But I choose to believe that God selected this hand especially for me. He knew I’d make a mess into a message. He knew I’d make it my mission to lead others to health. He knew I was strong enough to have this life and for this perfectly imperfect life I was blessed with, I am incredibly thankful.
So today I CELEBRATE! And really everyday I CELEBRATE because everyday is 100% a miracle.

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