ACV Limeade

ACV Limeade

You’ve probably seen it on the grocery store shelf and heard people talk about drinking it and you wanna know why we crazy peeps drink it and why you might wanna try it out?!
ACV has reported benefits such as:
-relieving sore throat, colds, sinus issues
-lowering high cholesterol
-helping clear skin
-help eliminate toxins from the body
-help with allergies
-strengthen immune system
-improve metabolism = aiding in weight loss!!!
-promotes digestions and bowels (bye bye constipation!)
-helps with joint pain and stiffness
-and studies have stated it helps with blood sugar for type 2 diabetics  (sourced from webMD)
So how do I take my ACV? I make ACV Limeade.
What you’ll need:
-6 cups of water
-1/2c. ACV with “the mother” that brown cloudy stuff at the bottom
-4 limes, juiced
-Stevia (I used 30 liquid drops)
Store in the fridge. I typically will drink it once a day (about 1/2 to 3/4 cup) with a straw to avoid too much acid on my teeth!
-Happy Sipping!

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