Hey There!  I’m Dorothy!1f05c-misfit2brepublic-beachbody2b2015-0151

A multi-passionate entrepreneur on a mission to inspire and empower women to live positive, transformed lives beyond what they thought was ever possible whether that is through health coaching, creating a business or your fashion!

As you’ll be able to tell pretty quickly, I wear a few different hats (as we all do as humans with different passions).

By trade I’m a personal trainer and health coach and I primarily work with other type 1 diabetics like myself, through group coaching or 1-on-1 coaching. My vision here is to help equip other t1d women, especially moms, transform their health, wellness and mindset so they can start THRIVING with a chronic illness.

I also have a passion for fashion and grew a successful boutique and team all online with a company, Agnes & Dora. My vision in this arena is to help other women feel beautiful, confident and self expressive through their fashion. Empowered & confident women change the world!